Series Three - Episode Nine: Friends or Foes

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 8th August 1989, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVIII (1988)
Consecutive Episode Number: 32
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37970
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Jace Freshwater Ben Felton
Tracey Barnes Tracey McDonald
Hellman Frank Gatliff
Vine Michael Bertenshaw
Robert John Vine
Eleanor Judith Paris
Written By John Kershaw
Casting Director Linda Butcher
Make Up Pearl Rashbass
Costume Designer Janet Powell
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Cheryll Gunn
Lighting Director Chris Davies
Designer Graham Probst
Executive Producer Charles Warren
Produced and Directed By Neville Green


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Episode Synopsis

The Government has resigned over the missing Queen Beast, and Jace, Tracey and Colin have been linked to the theft. Then they receive a mysterious note telling them that their friend, Vine the plumber, is being held prisoner and is being threatened with execution.

Episode Guide

The episode starts with Colin shouting ‘Tracey run’ as the children escape from the shop, Robert trying to catch them and crashing into the table with the water above pouring over him.

Jace is recording his latest update on his dictaphone: ‘Secret Agent C.A.B. reporting, my brother Colin and Tracy, in brackets the pest Barnes, have escaped with me from Hellman’s shop we’ve been trying to find out more about the magic beast at Hampton Court, the one Eleanor wants. Colin has worked out which one it is. We think Vine works for MI5; he says he has a plan for dealing with Eleanor.’

Colin tells Jace to say they have ages yet and Jace finishes his message ‘Going to join Colin and the pest, it’s time to meet Mr Vine, out’. They then leave the C.A.B. H.Q.

Back at the Wooden Kamel Eleanor is telling Hellman that was the International Press Agency on the phone wanting to speak to him. Robert passes the newspaper to Eleanor, she starts to read the story ‘Government resigns over missing Queen’s Beast - the latest development in the Queen’s Beast mystery which has rocked the nation and brought the government to a standstill is that three children are said to be involved’. Eleanor says to Hellman that there is no need to ask how they know that, meaning him, Hellman denies his involvement. Eleanor continues reading ‘So far no-one has claimed responsibility for the theft of the beast from Hampton Court palace and it is not known how many terrorists are involved.’ Eleanor says how dare they call her a terrorist and asks Hellman if that was his word which he again denies. Eleanor reads on ‘but it is not thought that any foreign power is involved and another report in this morning suggests…’ Eleanor raises her voice and instructs Hellman to listen and she reads the rest of the article ‘suggests that an elderly man is being held prisoner and forced to help the ruthless criminals in their plot’. Eleanor asks Hellman what he said to the press but Hellman says that he did not get through; Robert asks him where the press got the information from. Hellman tries to suggest the children or even Vine but Eleanor laughs it off saying that Vine is not intelligent enough even if he did fool them both. Robert asks what he was going to say to the press when they phoned and Eleanor caught him, Hellman replies and insists he was not going to say anything and mutters he is wasting time as they know he is on their side and that he believes in what they want and justice should be done. Robert says that does not answer his question and asks why he rang them. Hellman retorts ‘to ask them the time’, Robert asks again and Hellman tries to blame it on a wrong number saying they have had trouble recently and blames the buses shaking the road outside. Hellman continues to defend himself saying he did not give the number away as he does not want journalists about taking photographs, he says that one night when they weren’t there but says he is getting confused. Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door, Robert ushers Eleanor and Hellman into the lift cupboard as he goes to answer it.

Eleanor takes off Hellman’s glasses and snarls ‘If you have ruined my life I shall make you suffer, wherever you hide I shall find you, you can not imagine what I shall do to you’. Hellman begins to imagine himself being rolled flat. Robert opens the cupboard door saying it was alright itr must have been the water in the pipes. Eleanor and Robert walk out the lift and they all move through to the front shop as Eleanor tells them their next move of getting the seal from the children and she will stay and deal with Vine when he arrives. Eleanor tells Hellman it is his last chance.

At the park Tracey is on the roundabout saying that she does not think Vine has anything to do with MI5 but Jace tells her to be quiet as there might be enemy agents everywhere.

Robert arrives at Jace’s den, the C.A.B. H.Q, and drops Vine’s bag on the table, he opens the box left on the floor and takes the photographs from inside. He empties all the drawers and rummages around throwing things down whilst trying to find the seal.

Back at the park Vine approaches in the distance and speaks to Colin (Jace and Tracey are still by the swings) apologising for being late saying he had a job to do first. He tells Colin that he must challenge her as he has to stop herself taking the crown. Vine explains that he is the guardian of the beast and if she tries to remove the crown but fails she may destroy it. Jace runs up to Vine saying that it was great in the shop with him swaying but Vine tells him to persuade Colin to do as he asks and that he has to go.

Back at the shop Eleanor is talking to the magic beast ‘I am soon to be your Queen with power and the crown, they will be mine, and no person or thing will stop me’ and then she punches it. Eleanor then grasps her hand and walks away but the beast starts to glow.

Back at Jace’s den Colin finds Vine’s bag calling him a rotter. Jace tells him not to be daft and that Vine could not have done it. Colin asks if Jace has the seal still which he has. Colin checks the plan sketch of the beast and the photographs but they are gone. Tracey walks in and says she thought Vine was a friend, Colin mutters ‘he had a little job to do first’ but Jace concludes that it does not make sense as he would not leave his bag behind and it must be someone who wants them to think it was Vine saying it must be Robert or her.

Eleanor is in the attic of the Wooden Kamel as Robert walks in, she asks for the seal but he has not got it but he shows her the photographs and the sketch he did get. Eleanor says they must have figured it out from somewhere, possibly from the seal but she does not understand what their scribblings mean. There is an arrow pointing to the number nine presumably the ninth beast but if it is the ninth beast they have the wrong beast. Robert assures her the first beast (the one they have got) is the right beast. Hellman (with his head pointing into the attic space) asks if it is the right beast then why she can not get the crown off. Robert retorts and Hellman apologises saying he does not mean to be rude but if the beast is the right one either the legend is rubbish or that they would have to think about what he said earlier (regarding Eleanor not being the true Queen). Eleanor says that she is the Queen and everything on the family tree proves it saying that Richard I had a son Philip who should have become King and that she is his descendant. Eleanor tells Robert they must get the seal back and decipher it themselves as they can not trust the children to have done it properly.

Vine is just outside looking through the door then he climbs up trying to get in.

Upstairs Robert instructs Hellman to get the seal while the children are asleep and if necessary go to Hampton Court to get the right beast. Hellman then moans that it his up to him to get the seal then get the beast and if he was to get caught they would not be seen, pointing out that the newspaper did say that he was being held prisoner forced to help and as an elderly man might tell the Police everything he knew including names. Eleanor warns him not to threaten her but Hellman goes on to say that an elderly man like himself may have to tell them everything to prove his own innocence. Robert complains saying they should have gotten rid of Hellman at the start but Eleanor whispers to him that Hellman must do as they say and afterwards he can get rid of him.

Downstairs Vine is falling down the chimney as he emerges from the fireplace with soot on his face and clothes, he checks the front shop is empty then walks though checking on the beast but he hears a noise and hides behind the beast, Robert then walks though with the telephone, he calls someone and asks for a taxi from The Wooden Kamel going to Hampton Court. Whilst Robert is on the phone Vine sneaks past and into the back shop where he is confronted by Eleanor, Vine says he is back to fix the water but Eleanor tells Robert to make their guest comfortable.

Back at Jace’s den Colin is searching around as Jace walks in with a letter that someone who he did not see has stuffed in their letterbox. It is a ransom letter ‘Sorry you had to go but you might be pleased to here that we have your friend V (Jace interrupts saying Vine), all tied up, we don’t want anything nasty to happen to him so perhaps you’ll be kind enough to bring the seal round immediately. Wrap it carefully in cotton wool, put it in an envelope and post it in the cat flap. Do this at once and say nothing to anyone. Come round on Sunday morning and we’ll see if you can have both your friends back, yours Eleanor R’. Jace asks what the R stands for and Colin replies Regina, Queen. Jace says she’ll be lucky. Jace asks what they should do, Colin says he does not know but Jace says they have to go to help Vine. Colin says if he is on our side but Jace says he must be if they have got him, Hellman and the videotape. Colin says they must tell Tracey, Jace asks why saying he is the secret agent but Colin tells him it is important. Jace says being a Secret Agent is important too and that Tracey would not be allowed out now but as he says this Tracey walks in saying she has a funny letter.

Back at the shop Robert has tied Vine up and gagged him in the front shop. Robert walks through to the back and Eleanor instructs him that they are changing the plan but Robert asks why and Eleanor explains that if Vine is not really a plumber he may know they have an operation planned and forewarned the authorities, Eleanor asks where Hellman is and Robert assures her he is secured upstairs. Eleanor explains her new plan ‘Those children will be bringing the seal back at any moment now, we will solve the final clue and then tomorrow we will go to Hampton Court Palace and take the right beast in broad daylight’. Robert asks her if she has gone insane but Eleanor insists no-one will be expecting them and he can dress as maintenance staff and take the right beast. Robert says he will be noticed if he steals another beast but Eleanor tells him she has a diversion planned and he is to trust her. They walk through to the front shop saying that the children must have their letters by now and they will do as she asks as they still have the video and they would want to rescue their friend Vine. Robert says they may not after planting his bag there for them to find but Eleanor tells him that will work to their advantage.

Back at the den Tracey has some plaster which they are mixing up; Colin then presses the seal on it to make a replica but starts to scratch off the number one. Tracey says ‘Finger of time looks nine, upside down gives crown.’ Colin says it will go to six which may delay them until they have figured out the fourth code. Jace passes Colin the ribbon of the seal saying the clue is on the back, Colin reads it ‘For Crown it be not night’ Colin thinks a while and then shouts ‘Got it’, Jace grins and the episode ends.