Series One - Episode Eleven: Who's Who?

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Ep9: Friends or Foes
Ep10: Nicked in Time
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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 2nd December 1986, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVI (1986)
Consecutive Episode Number: 11
Fremantle Archive Ref: 33209
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Franny Barnes Louise Mason
Smith Graham Seed
Mr. Hellman Frank Gatliff
Anwar Lyndam Gregory
Written By Denise Coffey
Theme Music By Adrian Brett
Make Up Ann Briggs
Costume Designer June Cannon
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Bobby Webber
Production Assistant Hilary Cornwall
Designer Gillian Miles
Executive Producer Marjorie Sigley
Producer Charles Warren
Directed By John Darnell


Episode Synopsis

A mysterious visitor to the shop causes Anwar to step in and deal with him. Many peculiar things happen, as if the shop is being taken over by some strange and powerful force.

Episode Guide

'This is Secret Agent C.A.B. C.A.B is the call sign for Colin Freshwater. I'm Franny Barnes. We're looking after Ma Mossop's shop and her cat Tatters. There is an important secret hidden somewhere in the shop, which many people are after. The chief suspects are Mr Hellman, who we now know is Johann Hellman, a notable Egyptologist. There is a man who disguises himself as many different people. And someone called Anwar, from Egypt, he could help us solve the code but is he on our side? Colin locked up and we said goodbye to Anwar. I'm sure the secret is hidden in that table. You did lock up didn't you Colin?

At the backdoor, someone is opening the door using a bunch of keys, the person walks in. Anwar, hiding behind the curtains to the front shop, whispers 'meet your fate thief'. Tatters meows as Smith, wearing a balaclava and carrying a torch, says 'so you're here are you? You moth-eaten moggie, get out of here you worm flesh' and Tatters scurries outside via the catflap on the back door. Anwar whispers 'you'll pay for that cruel kick my friend?' as he hides further behind the curtain. Smith thinks to himself 'The lady has hidden memories in the table' as he approaches the white table. He opens the first drawer and takes out the book that held the wooden box, he attempts to open the other drawer but it is locked. He opens it with the key, looks inside and states 'wha... it's empty'. The light's are switched on, Anwar approaches and says 'Look again thief'. Smith pretends he's a burglar calling himself 'an honest burglar'. Anwar questions 'An honest burglar?' Smith explains 'you know what I mean'. Anwar replies 'You kicked a defenceless animal'. Smith retorts 'Defenceless, you must be joking. Try putting that furry fury with a barb wire claws into a bag.' Anwar deduces that he was the one who kidnapped Tatters. 'And now you come to find what's hidden in the table'. Smith refutes Anwar's claim stating that the drawer is empty, taking the drawer out of the table. Anwar says 'Nothing is quite what it seems my friend, look again. In all the ancient world there were but two beads of blue glass, sacred to the great King. They were made as adornments for his anointed ears'. Smith shakes the drawer and hears something rattling inside. Anwar continues 'When the great King took his last journey, the power passed from the King and his almighty companions into the blue of the glass. And one bead became the guardian of the outer door to his Royal tomb. And the other...' Smith deduces the other bead is in the shop and in the drawer, Smith states 'It'll be worth millions', Anwar counters 'It's priceless'. Smith questions if that means worth nothing. Anwar says 'It is worth more than all the gold in the world, it contains what men have sought for thousands of years', Smith is disappointed when it's not money. Anwar tells him 'No. Power, the power to make others do as you would bid them'. Smith starts to think what he'd do with that power 'I'd make those meddling sprogs jump through a few hoops for a start'. Anwar sneers 'You were wrong to frighten the children, you vile man, to wish this'. Smith questions what Anwar would do with this power. Anwar says 'I already have the power'. Smith thinks Anwar has already found the bead. 'I say what I mean' Anwar poses. Smith is frustrated that he is answering in questions and he realises that Anwar said that there were two beads, surmising that one is in the drawer and Anwar has the other. Anwar explains 'I Anwar and Amdad are here to save the treasure of our King from the greed of mortal man', he produces the blue bead from his pocket and it begins to glow, Anwar demands 'be still'. Smith shouts 'I can't move'. The blue bead glows as Anwar continues 'Listen, you're going on a journey'. Smith begins to feel strange, he claims 'What's happening? The shop, the walls, they're moving'. Anwar explains 'The shop is only walls of plaster, beneath it's floor, the curve of the Earth and above it's roof the curve of space. You are free from these temporal boundaries'. Smith continues to experience the walls moving, he sees images of and Egyptian sarcophagus and the statue of the cat. Anwar continues 'You are seeing the world of the great Pharaohs, you are feeling the power of the bead of blue glass'. Smith thinks to himself 'If I can get the other one you'll be sorry'. Smith shakes the drawer as hard as he can and the other blue bead falls out, he reaches out and picks up the blue bead. Anwar puts his blue bead back in his pocket. Smith, holding his head, asks 'What happened?' Anwar tells him 'You discovered a secret'. Smith is pleased he has the other blue bead and the power but doesn't think to much to it's looks, he states 'it doesn't look much, like something your Aunt Ethel would bring back from the seaside, is this it?' Anwar confirms that it is and Smith decides to road test the bead, he tells Anwar to wave his hand but all Anwar does is place his hand into his pocket. Smith tries again by demanding Anwar jump up and down and stand on his head but Anwar stays still. Smith gives up 'It doesn't work'. Anwar explains 'It doesn't respond to the selfish wishes of greedy robbers and bad, trivial, foolish commands'. Smith thinks it is just broken. Anwar takes out the blue bead, it lights up as he says 'No thief, here is the power'. Smith is frozen still again, Anwar says 'you wish to give me the bead', Smith agrees with a 'yes'. Anwar approaches and continues 'Be calm, give it up'. Both beads are glowing as Anwar puts his hands over them. The shop doorbell rings.

Colin and Franny enter as Colin says eagerly 'Come on Franny, let's force the drawer'. They walk into the back shop and see Anwar and Smith. Franny questions how they got in and Anwar explains that he has captured a thief. Smith says 'You'll have to catch me first' as he tries to get away but Colin pushes the chair up against Smith and the backdoor. Franny goes to the phone and says 'I'm phoning the police'. Smith tells them 'it's a matter for MI5'. Smith shows Colin some ID, he passes it to Franny and laughs as he thinks it is a joke. Smith asks 'pass me the phone before this looney hits me with the table'. Colin holds the phone to Smith's ear as Smith dials the number, the phone connects and Smith asks 'Lambeth Road'. Franny realises 'Lambeth Road, that's where we were told to send the fruit to Ma Mossop'. Smith continues 'Password clearance is plum sixty two Scorpio', a different voice is heard on the phone. Smith asks 'Can you confirm my identity to these people?' Franny takes the phone and says 'Hello, yes, I don't know'. Franny asks for Smith's name, he tells her 'Kenneth Smith'. Franny repeats this to the man on the phone. Colin pulls Smith's balaclava off and says 'It's him again, the man with all the disguises', Franny realises 'The Milkman', Colin adds 'The Professor' and Franny finishes with 'and the American'. Smith goes on 'Look, complexion fair, hair short, scar on chin'. He reaches for the phone 'It's me Kenny, tell them'. Franny repeats to the man on the phone 'he says he's Kenny Smith, ok, bye'. Franny tells Colin to let him go, Colin questions 'is he really MI5?' Franny replies 'That's what they said'. Anwar adds 'So, Mr Smith is a secret agent'. Smith warns them to be careful and Colin calls him a wolly. Franny remarks 'I don't care who you are Mr Smith, you've no business here, the shop was locked up'. Anwars tells her 'that's right Franny, question him closely'. Franny reminds him 'And you've no business here either Anwar, how did you get in?' He tells her the back door was open and Franny tells Colin off and he says 'sorry'. Anwar tells her 'I do have business here of great importance'. Smith then explains why he is there 'My mission is to track down an international criminal, known as Johann Hellman'. Colin and Franny confer together 'Mr Hellman'. Smith congratulates them by saying 'got it in two, clever children'. Smith asks Anwar 'So go on chummy, what is your important business here? You and your so called power'. Anwar says 'do not mock the power, it is the energy of a thousand lifetimes'. Smith challenges him to do it again, Anwar retorts 'Oh be still foolish man, and see the power of Ra, the light giver'. He holds the blue bead up as it begins to glow. The shop is lit in the blue glow as things start to move, the umbrellas shake, the grandfather clock opens, the rocking horse begins to rock, the wardrobe doors open and close, the books launch themselves off the shelf and the clocks rattle. Colin exclaims 'it's magic'. Hands are placed over the blue beads. Suddenly it stops, the books fall to the floor and the light returns to normal. Franny remembers 'But Anwar said is was energy'. Anwar confirms 'Yes, we all have energy, all animals, all birds, all plants, all living things and this contains the energy of five hundred men'. Colin asks 'Didn't you say it was a thousand lifetimes energy, so there's five hundred in the other bead too'. Smith holds the other bead as Franny agrees and asks 'how did that happen?' Anwar explains 'Long ago, there was a great feast with enough food for a thousand mouths and sweet wine in great red pottery jars. Music played and the soft desert breeze stirred gently in the sand. The Great priest Ra called for a toast to be drunk, in the special wine, sweet as honey to hide the bitterness of the poison within.' Franny questions 'poison?' Anwar continues 'It was three days and nights before all felt a sweet heavy drowsiness come upon them on their journey far away from the royal resting place'. Franny states 'what a horrible thing to do'. Anwar continues 'How else was the tomb to be kept a secret? Only the great priest did not drink the wine and so the secret was passed to his son and so on through time itself'. Smith, holding onto the other blue bead says 'so the power is in here now'. Colin sees that Smith has the other bead. Anwar counters 'the power is there but only if it is used wisely'. Both blue beads glow as Anwar approaches Smith, his hands over the two beads. Suddenly the door goes, Anwar and the blue beads are gone. Smith races to the door saying 'oh no, come back, lock the door and don't let anybody in, I'll be back'. Smith leaves as Colin questions 'wow, what was all that?' Franny reasons 'was it a trick or some sort of magic?' Colin suggests 'it must be Anwar's hypnotic powers again'. Franny tells him to be serious but Colin says she saw what happened. Franny agrees it is strange and questions if the bead did all that. Colin states 'he said it had the energy of five hundred men'.

They go into the back shop as Franny realises the bead must have been in the other drawer. Colin inspects the pulled out drawer and sees it had a false bottom saying he knew something was in there. Franny recalls 'well it was opened with the little key we sent to Tatters' kidnapper and we know that wasn't Anwar, unless he got someone else to phone us while he was here. I don't know who to trust anymore'. Franny contniues 'What did that Mr Smith bloke call Mr Hellman'. Collin answers 'Johann Hellman, the international criminal'. Franny reasons 'But that's just what Mr Smith says, we don't know if we can trust him either, do we?' Colin asks if Franny thinks that Smith is from MI5, Franny confirms that is what was said by the people at Lambeth Road. Colin interjects 'Yes but it's Lambeth Road that won't let us speak to Ma Mossop'. They look up at Ma Mossops portrait, Franny concludes 'yes Ma, it's all your fault'. Franny thinks they should go, she reminds Colin that she has locked the back door. They walk into the front shop as Mr Hellman approaches them, they greet him and he questions 'where are you going?' Colin answers 'home'. Franny questions him 'what are you doing here, what do you want?' Hellman tells them 'I saw the light on, hope nothing was wrong'. Colin warns him 'we know all about you Mr Hellman'. Hellman answers 'How educational for you'. Franny tells Colin to leave off. Franny warns Hellman 'You better get out before I call the Police, Mr Johann Hellman. Mr Smith from MI5 has told us you're a wanted criminal'. Hellman laughs 'you didn't believe him did you?' Hellman laughs and continues 'Fancy, calling himself Smith, how original'. Franny tells Hellman that they used a clearance code with MI5 who said he was Smith. Hellman reassures them it was a old trick and that was his accomplice. Colin shows Hellman the ID and Hellman passes it off as a clever forgery. Hellman says 'I see the time has come for me to take you into my confidence, you can keep a secret I hope'. Colin assures him they can. Hellman explains 'Well, I am from the CIA. My job is to find out what happened to a rich and wonderful treasure that was found by chance in the western desert in 1941'. Franny asks 'who found it?' Hellman answers 'A young soldier in the 46th Pathfinders, the Breakspear Griffs'. Colin repeats the name 'Breakspear Griffs' as Franny looks at the cloth badge of the griffin with the spear and the number 46. Hellman reassures them that it's 'just a nickname'. Franny asks 'the young soldier, what was his name?' Hellman answers 'Clarke, Sergeant Nobby Clarke, poor young Nobby he never was much of a soldier'. Colin asks what he was doing in the desert and Hellman tells him that there was a war on. Colin remarks 'That was only in Germany and that wasn't it?' Hellman replies 'your education is sadly lacking, the battle in the western desert was a vital part of World War Two'. Franny asks Hellman if Nobby Clarke was a soldier like in the photograph that she shows him. Hellman replies 'Why yes, yes he was. 1941, a sandstorm had pinned the patrol down, miles from headquarters. The desert wind shrieked like a thousand witches, whipping the sand and rattling the canvas of the stranded lorries. Next morning they saw that the desert had reshaped itself into new hills and new valleys'. Colin whispers 'The Khamsin'. Hellman continues 'Yes, the wild wind of the desert. Well Nobby Clarke climbed down from the cab of the lorry and saw in middle of rubble and rocks a low building of sealed stone'. Franny asks 'so what did he do?' Hellman continues 'Now he ordered the unit to use the stone building as a store for the petrol and other equipment to be collected laters by the advancing troops. The lads buckled to and by nightfall the stores were all piled neatly in the outer part of the building. Then they sat around under the starry sky, brewing up a cuppa and eating corn beef and bully biscuits and then something strange'. Franny comments to Colin 'I know what he's going to say', Colin agrees 'what Anwar told us'. Hellman continues 'The lads found an old sort of jar with a sealed top'. Franny guesses 'sweet wine in a great red pottery jar'. Hellman continues 'While Nobby Clarke was looking around the building, making a map, collecting souvenirs, the lads had a drink from the jar, they said it was very sweet heavy wine'. Colin whispers 'sweet as honey to hide the bitterness of the poison within'. Hellman continues 'Well Nobby Clarke didn't drink so he never tasted the wine but three days later'. Franny surmises 'he was the only one left'. Hellman continues 'Nobody knew what happened, if fever?' Colin says 'poison'. Hellman remarks 'what? No, no just a coincidence, an old yarn, poor Nobby Clarke'. Franny says 'you seem to know a lot about him Mr Hellman'. Hellman answers 'Oh yes, I know quite a lot about him'. Franny takes the photograph from the table and asks 'and the treasure was in the stone building?' Hellman replies 'yes, a treasure worth more than all the gold found in the so called tomb of Tutankhamen, well that's what he claimed he saw through a crack in the wall in the outer chamber'. Franny questions 'so what's Ma Mossop got to do with all this'. Colin adds 'Yes, and why are you snooping around here all the time? What are you looking for?' Hellman stands up and says 'that's enough questions, you children want to know too much but to know any more my young friends could be dangerous'. Hellman then walks off.