Series Three - Episode Six: Getting Taped

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Ep6: Getting Taped
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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 18th July 1989, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVIII (1988)
Consecutive Episode Number: 29
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37967
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Jace Freshwater Ben Felton
Tracey Barnes Tracey McDonald
Hellman Frank Gatliff
Vine Michael Bertenshaw
Robert John Vine
Eleanor Judith Paris
Written By John Kershaw
Casting Director Linda Butcher
Make Up Pearl Rashbass
Costume Designer Janet Powell
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Jane Mullard
Lighting Director Chris Davies
Designer Graham Probst
Executive Producer Charles Warren
Produced and Directed By Neville Green


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Episode Synopsis

Eleanor Plantagenet believes she has the real Queen Beast which holds the secret to whether she's the rightful heir to the throne. Jace and Colin think the real Beast is still at Hampton Court so they plan to steal a map which will tell them where to find it. Robert threatens Hellman and accuses him of being a traitor, but with the arrival of the mysterious plumber Vine the situation changes - and the children are in danger.

Episode Guide

'Secret Agent C.A.B. Jace Freshwater speaking, my brother Colin has been helping me and the pest, otherwise known as Tracey Barnes, to decode the message about the Queen's Beast. We're also wondering what has happened to Hellman since we all escaped, and then we were interrupted by a mysterious voice in the shadow.'

Jace pushes a tyre across the line towards the entrance as Vine walks in, the tyre collides with him as he enters. Vine tells them he is on their side and he saw them running from the shop and thought they may have been trouble. Vine says that he has to go before they get suspicious. Tracey asks him if he really is a plumber, he replies by saying that sometimes he is, he tells them they are on the right track wirth the Queen's Beast, and they are to ignore the 'finger of time spells nine' as it's a red herring and they are to concentrate on the one up-side down which is still one, the first beast. Vine goes saying he'll keep in touch. Colin says they'll have to find which beast they do have before the can all meet up tommorrow.

Back in the shop Hellman is looking around and he looks at the beast. Eleanor tells him that he needs nerves of steel. Hellman says that he's nervous and Eleanor tells him to trust her. They go into the back shop and Eleanor asks where Robert is, wondering if he has found anything. Hellman goes upstairs to find Robert as Vine enters the shop.

In the attic Robert is searching for the tape, Hellman enters and Robert asks him if he's seen a tape or the Henry VIII seal. Hellman passes him a measuring tape. Robert explains it's a video cassette tape that has been recording everything from the cameras. Hellman starts to look around.

In Jace's HQ, he suggest they go to Hampton Court to see if it is the right beast that has been taken, Colin says there is no need as the beast they have is magical.

In the shop Eleanor asks Hellman where Robert is, Hellman points upstairs. Eleanor starts to question whether Hellman is the right man. Hellman says that he'll try, Eleanor send him to find Robert as Vine falls and pulls a pipe down from the ceiling and the water starts to pour out.

Hellman goes upstairs to fetch Robert saying 'that woman' wants you. Robert corrects him 'Your Majesty'. Robert tells him that he intends to marry Eleanor so Hellman is not to doubt his power.

At C.A.B. HQ Colin is trying to figure out the code. Jace that you might start at a different one but Colin tells him it can't because of the shadows, he demonstrates this by putting a nail in a metal wheel hub cap. They suggest they look at which way the shadows are at Hampton Court and they all leave.

In the attic Robert notices the orb and sceptre are missing and accuses Hellman of stealing them. He marches Hellman downstairs.

At Hampton Court Jace takes a photo through the gates.

The pipe is still dripping as Robert and Hellman enter. Robert tells Eleanor that the seal and video are missing. Hellman insists it wasn't him and it must have been the children. Eleanor demands that she must have the tape. Hellman goes up in the lift as Eleanor gives him ten minutes to find the tape before another photograph with his name makes it's way to the papers.

Jace takes more photographs but they can't get close enoughas there are Police everywhere. The decide to go back to the den.

The pipework is now leaking water onto the Royal Tree, Robert puts up an umbrella, Eleanor wants to know where Vine is and she wonders if he is on Hellman's side but Robert dismisses him as a stupid plumber.

In the attic Hellman is calling for Vine. Vine enters and says that Hellman can help him as he has friends who are interested in the fortunes of the beast. Hellman refuses and Vine leaves.

Downstairs Robert and Eleanor are talking about Hellman, she says that she is using Hellman. Robert asks if she will keep her promise to him. Eleanor says that they have to get the tape first and they can solve Henry's mysteries so that she can become Queen.

In the hut, Jace is recording a message on his dictaphone that they'll have to get the model from the shop tommorrow. Tracey is about to leave as they all agree that they can't do anything without finding out which beast Eleanor has got. Tracey says that it is a silly plan so Colin suggests they check out the shop first, Tracey thinks they should do it now but Jace says that they are going to play football, Colin says that he is not and Jace nudges him so Tracey leaves.

Robert joins Hellman in the attic, 'Haven't you found it yet?'. Hellman says that he hasn't found the tape yet. Robert also asks about Vine but Hellman says that he's no friend. Hellman tries to persuade Robert that he could be King instead of Eleanor being Queen. Robert warns Hellman saying that Eleanor is the greatest woman that he's ever met. Robert then bumps into the plant and discovers the tape in the pot.

Outside the shop Colin and Jace are on lookout as Tracey walks up the road and finds them. All three look as someone grabs Colin on the shoulder.

'Secret Agent C.A.B. someone has grabbed us, we're all in trouble and so's everybody else especially Hellman. And Eleanor wants the seal back. Will report on developments a.s.a.p, over and out.'