Series Three - Episode Eight: The Great Escape

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 1st August 1989, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVIII (1988)
Consecutive Episode Number: 31
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37969
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Jace Freshwater Ben Felton
Tracey Barnes Tracey McDonald
Hellman Frank Gatliff
Vine Michael Bertenshaw
Robert John Vine
Eleanor Judith Paris
Written By John Kershaw
Casting Director Linda Butcher
Make Up Pearl Rashbass
Costume Designer Janet Powell
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Jane Mullard
Lighting Director Chris Davies
Designer Graham Probst
Executive Producer Charles Warren
Produced and Directed By Neville Green


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Episode Synopsis

Jace, Tracey and Colin are trapped in the Wooden Kamel. Eleanor has told them that when she becomes Queen they will be jailed for life in the Tower or beheaded for being traitors. Hellman has also been threatened with the same fate.

Episode Guide

The episode starts with a recap where Eleanor and Robert have trapped the children in the shop and we hear Jace’s update again ‘Secret Agent C.A.B. Help!’

Eleanor takes a seat while gloating that they have company – three criminal children. When Jace tells her she is the criminal, Eleanor and Robert warn them that they could find themselves in serious trouble for helping a greedy old man by stealing the Queen’s Beast from Hampton Court palace. They try to defend themselves then Eleanor shows them the video tape that shows that they plotted with Hellman to steal the beast even if it is not true. Eleanor asks where the seal is but Jace tells them they have not got it, with Eleanor not believing them Tracey says they took it to the Police. Eleanor gets Jace to let her know it is at home. Eleanor then gives Jace some paper and a pen and instructs him to write a letter to his Mother to tell her to give the seal to the messenger, Jace explains that she does not know where it is but Eleanor tells him to write it in the letter warning them they are not going anywhere until she has the seal. Tracey says her Mum will get worried but Eleanor tells her that as her mother is one of her subjects she must worry about her Queen.

The lift door opens and Vine walks in pretending to still be delirious from the fall. Eleanor gets Robert to check all the doors are locked and he walks through to the front shop. Tracey apologises to Vine for hurting him and he insists he should go home to clean himself up as his nose has started to bleed. Eleanor warns him he is to stay until she is satisfied that he knows nothing about the three children. Eleanor asks Tracey what she has in her bag but when Tracey tries to say ‘my school things’ Eleanor gets her to open her bag, Vine tries to stall by pretending to be injured and feeling faint. Tracey pulls the cardboard model of the beasts from her bag and Eleanor asks her what she wants to do with it, ‘just look at it’ Tracey replies. Eleanor tells her ‘especially if you think it is full of secrets’. Robert walks back in to confirm all the doors are locked. Eleanor warns Tracey that she was foolish to take the model from her and the rest are fools if they think they can trick her. As she is the rightful Queen of England there is nothing they can do to stop her and when she becomes Queen they will be in severe trouble.

Eleanor and Robert walk towards the lift and Eleanor asks him what they can do in the situation. He suggests applying some torture but Eleanor tells him ‘not yet’ and she goes upstairs in the lift. Colin, Jace and Tracey talk about if she has the right beast but Robert silences them and he thinks how they could each be tortured. Robert gets Jace standing on a stool balancing school books on his head whilst he cuts away at the stool’s legs with a saw, then Robert thinks of Colin trapped in a magician’s box with him slowly cutting him in half with the saw and Tracey being tortured by emptying loads of snakes over her. Robert is laughing with glee and while not looking Vine starts to choke and not being able to breath. Robert goes to punch him but Vine falls to the floor, Robert asks Hellman to help tie him up but he can not as he is tied up and gagged. While Robert is distracted Colin turns the hands on the clock to open the door and Jace, Tracey and Colin escape. Robert tries to catch them before the leave but runs into Hellman, spins round and crashes into the table and the leaked water in the plastic sheet above pours over him.

Jace, Tracey and Colin run away from the shop as Vine runs out from the front door and catches them up. Vine tells them he has a plan to finish Eleanor’s game and he will see them in an hour. Tracey says they wish they knew more about Vine but Jace says at least they got out. Jace then records an update on his Dictaphone ‘Secret Agent C.A.B, just escaped enemy clutches again, thanks to Vine this time. Not sure about next move but we’re going to meet Vine in about an hour, he has some ideas, over and out.’

Robert is throttling Hellman as Eleanor walks in from the lift. Hellman tries to get out of trouble by saying that it was him who tired to stop them escaping but Robert got in the way. Robert calls him a liar but Eleanor shouts at them to be quiet. Eleanor asks them if they got away with the model but Robert picks it up off the floor and Hellman says he stopped them taking it thinking that it might be important. Eleanor thanks him by calling him a ‘yellow-bellied incompetent’ and then calls Robert a blockhead not worthy of high office he let mere children escape. Robert gets down on his knees and begs forgiveness and another chance and Eleanor begrudgingly accepts saying they must plan quickly and instructs Robert to untie Hellman and tidy the room.

At Jace’s secret hideout (the C.A.B. H.Q.) they are waiting for Vine, Tracey wonders what his plan is going to be and Jace says that he must be MI5. Tracey thinks they should go to the police but Colin says they can’t because of the video tape and the seal. Colin takes the seal out of Jace’s bag saying that as long as Eleanor and Robert have the tape and they have the seal they are in trouble and they could not prove they did not steal the beast and if there was any trouble Eleanor and Robert would disappear. Tracey thinks that Hellman would back them up but Colin warns her he’d disappear too. Jace thinks they should wait for Vine. Colin starts reasoning that Eleanor must be panicking and that if she thinks she has the wrong beast she will try to get the correct beast but there is another puzzle still to solve according to the document the seal came on – there are four secret codes, and they have only had three. Colin asks if Jace has developed the photographs of Hampton Court as they might give them some clues. Jace says he still has to print them so Jace tucks the seal back into his bag and they go to develop the photographs.

Back at The Wooden Kamel in the attic Eleanor tells them they have two choices. The first being that if they have the wrong beast, then Hellman interrupts saying it must be the wrong one as she can not get the crown off, Eleanor snaps at him and he says that if it is the right one then common sense reasons that Eleanor is not of true blood and can not be Queen. Eleanor tells him that she is correct and the beast is the wrong one. Hellman suggests they give up now before they get into trouble and continue as nothing as ever happened as there may have been a mistake. Eleanor tells him he has shown himself to be a coward and when she is Queen of England she will make sure she rewards her friends and her enemies heads will roll. Hellman apologises and asks for another chance. Eleanor goes back to her two choices, the first being waiting a couple of months until the fuss has died down and then attack. The second choice being going to Hampton Court and stealing the right beast. Hellman asks how they can do this without the seal; Eleanor tells him that is why they have to get the seal back quickly. Robert continues by saying that Hellman knows where the children live and they have to get the seal back by any means possible. Eleanor says she has a plan and asks if Vine’s bag is still downstairs.

In the bathroom at Jace and Colin’s home they have the room darkened out so they can develop the photographs. Colin draws a plan of the beasts. Colin marks his drawing with the shadow falling on the middle beast on the right hand side towards the middle beast on the left taken from the photograph. The shadow from right to left points to the nine, finger of time looks nine so Colin is sure they have that right and that he is certain about the sundial so Eleanor must have the correct beast. They then have to go to meet Vine at the park (and their Mum wants a bath!)

Back at the shop Hellman is thinking of how he could be tortured, locked in a casket and having his head served on a platter. Hellman asks that when they have the seal and the beast turns out to be the wrong one then what would they do. Eleanor tells him they would have to go to Hampton Court to get the right beast by using the secret gate along the river. Hellman tells them he can not swim or row but Eleanor tells him that it leads right to the beasts and they must go under the cover of darkness. Hellman questions them about the guards and the Police, Eleanor explains they will make a diversion by having Hellman pretending to drown distracting the guards while Robert takes the right beast. Eleanor will then telephone Downing Street to announce her coronation at Kingston. They then start to go downstairs. Walking out of the lift downstairs Eleanor continues by saying that the government will have a new Queen whether they like it or not. Eleanor tells them to go and says to Hellman that if he works with her she will make him a Lord who shares the treasure of the kingdom but if he works against her he will find himself imprisoned or worse. Hellman and Robert leave with Vine’s bag.

Walking down the street they stop at the newsagent and see the newspaper headline on the board saying ‘Government Resigns New National Crisis’. Robert says it might be a trap to get them to go to Kingston too early or maybe it is real and they have already won. Hellman then goes into the newsagents to get a copy to take back to Eleanor.

Back at the Wooden Kamel the phone rings and Eleanor answers it with a cloth over the mouthpiece to disguise her voice – it is the International Press Agency calling back but Eleanor tells them they have the wrong number and hangs up. Eleanor mutters to herself that Hellman may have run out of his usefulness. Hellman rushes in and shows her the newspaper headline and Eleanor stares at him holding the phone.