Series One - Episode Ten: Friend or Foe

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 25th November 1986, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVI (1986)
Consecutive Episode Number: 10
Fremantle Archive Ref: 33208
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Franny Barnes Louise Mason
Smith Graham Seed
Mr. Hellman Frank Gatliff
Anwar Lyndam Gregory
Written By Denise Coffey
Theme Music By Adrian Brett
Make Up Anita Perrett
Costume Designer June Cannon
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Bobby Webber
Production Assistant Hilary Cornwall
Designer Gillian Miles
Executive Producer Marjorie Sigley
Producer Charles Warren
Directed By Leon Thau


Secret Agent Notes

Later in this episode Anwar mentions the 'khamsin' (pronounced Cam-sheen), this is the wild winds that blow across Egypt usually between between March and May every year. Khamsin comes from the arabic word for fifty as the winds usually occur for a period of fifty days. For more information check out Khamsin (wikipedia page).

Before this episode aired on Children's ITV Matthew Kelly said he had received a letter from Nargis Parveen (of Bradford) about C.A.B with explanations about the characters and the plot.

Episode Synopsis

Some startling discoveries are made about Hellman in today's episode of this children's adventure series. There is a link between Egypt, a hidden tomb, Smith pretending to be a painter, and the strange behaviour of Anwar. Tatters is still missing and another strange riddle is found on the back of a photograph of the sands of the desert. Colin and Franny believe that if they can unravel the riddle they will solve the mystery surrounding Ma Mossop and her strange shop. See if you can come up with the answer.

Episode Guide

'This is secret agent C.A.B. C.A.B is the call sign for Colin Freshwater. And I'm Franny the Brill, ace code breaker. We'd only been on holiday for five days, what was going to be an easy job turned out to be different. All we had to do was feed Tatters the cat while her owner, Ma Mossop, was in hospital. But from the first day strange people started asking questions. Just when we began to find the answers to Ma's secret - Tatters was kidnapped. We had to give up the key and the code if we wanted to see Tatters again. We were waiting for Tatters the cat to be set free by the kidnapper when we discovered one of Ma Mossop's secrets suddenly Mr Hellman found us looking at the latest clue.'

Hellman calls them just children and he leaves thinking to himself that if he annoys them enough they will find the map for him and all he has to do is be around when they find it.

Franny, annoyed at Hellman's comment, says that they will show him. Colin asks who Sergeant Brown is and Franny admits she made him up to scare off Hellman. Franny tells Colin that the young girl in the photograph must be Ma Mossop.

At the subway station Smith has Tatters, he goes to the telephone but Anwar is on the phone to his father saying there is no sign of Madame Mossop, on hearing this Smith hides behind the corner, Anwar also mentions the children and soon after the telephone conversation ends and Anwar leaves. Smith calls him back but to no avail. Smith tries to speak to someone on the phone but the telephone stops working.

Back at the shop Franny puts the phone down; Colin and Franny are getting worried because Tatters is not back. Franny reasons that it may take a while to get Tatters back if she has been taken far away. The phone starts to ring and Franny answers it, the phone goes dead after a moment and Franny relays the message to Colin 'Although the cat's safe home with you remember I'll be watching', but Tatters is not back safely!

Franny walks through to the front shop whilst reading a newspaper article about the treasure of Tutankhamen. Colin (in the back of the shop) is looking at the memories. Franny continues to read the article - it reads 'Wendell D Grandison, the American oil billionaire, has appointed Dr Yohan Hellman, the noted Egyptologist, to investigate the rumour that has recently rocked the art world. Colin looks at the griffin badge and sees it has a broken spear in it's mouth, it is like an army badge. They both rush to each other saying 'look what I've discovered - it's about Mr Hellman!

Hellman, in his hotel room, is talking to Grandison apologising that the newspaper has got hold of the news but not to worry as only Science freaks read it. Hellman says that he will go tonight to the shop and find the map. After the phone call he leaves his hotel room and slips a small bit of paper wedged between the door and the door frame, he locks the door and leaves.

Back at the shop Colin and Franny realise that Ma found out that Hellman, the man who keeps disguises himself and Anwar are al after the treasure and they need the map. On hearing his name Anwar walks in with Tatters in his arms, saying that he found her in the street. Franny takes Tatters from him and with Colin fetches some food for Tatters. Anwar sees the memories left on the typewriter. Colin and Franny are talking to Tatters saying that they will bash whoever took her so Anwar asks if something is wrong. Franny tells him that he should know but he is very perplexed by this remark. Colin says that it is funny that Anwar found her in the street and they blame him for taking Tatters. Franny then answers the phone as it starts to ring, Colin makes sure that Anwar can not leave. Franny tells Colin that it was the kidnapper, so Anwar could not have been Tatters kidnapper but who is?

Back at Hellman's hotel, a painter (Smith in yet another disguise) knocks on the door and unlocks the door and goes in. Smith is putting something under the rug in Hellman's room. Hellman arrives back and notices that he has a visitor as the little piece of paper has fallen to the floor. He slowly opens the door and Smith rushes to hide behind the door but he sneezes and Hellman slams the door open to hit him. Hellman, now seated in his chair, asks Smith if he is going somewhere. Smith tells Hellman that he is the painter looking around to see what needs painting. Hellman threatens to phone the hotel manager as he notices the phone has been bugged. Smith acts ignorant, Hellman tells him it is a bug and that someone could listen in on his telephone conversations. Hellman looks under the rug and sees the other part of the bug. 'Smug as a bug in a rug' Smith muses. Hellman crushes the bug saying that he knows what to do with bugs. Smith mutters that he will have to pay for that himself and Hellman tells him 'you've never said a truer word', Hellman takes the spare key from him and throws Smith outside. Hellman calls reception asking for them to book a seat on tomorrow's plane to Cairo, first class.

Franny and Colin apologise to Anwar saying that they know that he is on their side but Anwar warns them that he is not and that he must do as his duty tells him. Anwar looking at the soldier's photograph says he can tell where it is by the sands blown by the khamsin. Franny asks what that is and Anwar explains it is the wild wind of the desert that can change hills into valleys and cries out with the voice of ten thousand demons. Colin notices some writing on the back of the photograph, Franny reads it: 'P.P.P. One Two Buckle my shoe. Forget the rest, just pick up sticks' - It's another clue, Franny shows Anwar the hieroglyphics on the back of the other photograph. Anwar says it is very strong, Colin thinks it might be rude words but Anwar explains that it is the best wish that you could offer a friend - life, prosperity and health. Anwar passes the photograph back to Franny and she notices some faded writing on the front 'from the Cous who won't grow up'. Colin says that Cous is also written on the other photograph, Anwar asks what they have found but Franny thinks back to what Anwar said earlier (about not being on their side) and she stops Colin from telling him by saying that they have to go home early. Franny tells Colin to lock the back door and feed Tatters while she sees Anwar out. Colin pours Tatters some milk and sees the painted white message and realises that the table in the back is the same table in Ma's portrait but now it is painted white. He checks the symbol on the drawer and it is the same table for sure - but they have already looked in there and it was empty. Franny calls Colin, but he has forgotten to lock the back door, and he rushes through saying 'it's the table again' but Franny tells him to shut up and Anwar leaves. Franny tells Colin that she did not want Anwar finding out too much and they should leave and come back in half an hour, Colin says he is sure that there is a secret hidden in there somewhere.

The shop is now quiet and empty as Anwar comes through the back door, he hears someone approaching and he hides behind the curtains to the front shop. Someone enters the shop as Anwar whispers 'meet your fate thief'.