Series Two - Episode Ten: Hellman's Reward

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Wednesday 23rd March 1988, 16.45pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVII (1987)
Consecutive Episode Number: 23
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37200
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Franny Barnes Louise Mason
Mr. Hellman Frank Gatliff
Private Tripe Victor Maddern
Umma Joan Hooley
Anwar Lyndam Gregory
Written By John Kershaw
Theme Music By Adrian Brett
Make Up Lesley Faulkner
Costume Designer Pam Doolan
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Lighting Director Chris Davies
Special Effects David Harvey
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Hilary Cornwall
Designer Graham Probst
Producer Charles Warren
Directed By John Darnell


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Secret Agent Notes

Anwar mentions the 'khamsin' (pronounced Cam-sheen) which is first mentioned during the first series. The Khamsin is the wild winds that blow across Egypt usually between between March and May every year. Khamsin comes from the arabic word for fifty as the winds usually occur for a period of fifty days. For more information check out Khamsin (wikipedia page) and Khamsin (BBC Weather page)

Episode Synopsis

Colin and Franny are in real danger and there is no adult they can trust. The policeman and Nyegel have gone on a journey to a part of the desert from which Hellman has made sure they will never return. All seems lost and it looks as though Hellman and Tripe will win, but with the return of Anwar and Umma things change drastically.

Episode Guide

‘This is secret Agent C.A.B. C.A.B. is the call sign for Colin Freshwater. This is my assistant Franny Barnes, codename Franny the Brill. The secrets of Ma Mossop’s old junk shop have lead us to mysterious adventures at The Wooden Kamel’.

In the attic Hellman and Tripe are discussing past events, Tripe asks how Hellman got rid of the other two (meaning Nyegel and the Policeman), Hellman explains that he ‘played the fool’ but Tripe is reluctant to believe that Hellman has got rid of them and they will not come back. Mr Hellman tells Tripe that he is ‘a very good judge of character’ so he knows they will not be back and there is nothing to worry about. Tripe asks what Anwar is up to so Hellman reiterates there is nothing to worry about. Hellman then mutters as to why he let Tripe in on the expedition. Tripe retorts that His Imperial Highness (Al-Greener) offered Hellman a small portion of the treasure if he found the map and photograph, Tripe asks where they are as the President is running out of patience. Hellman tells Tripe that they are doing it his way and explains that he is meeting Umma in the shop later. Tripe asks if Umma will be alone and bringing the other half of the map, Hellman confirms she will but Tripe thinks it is a trick as she may be working as an undercover agent for the foreign power, Tripe substantiates his theory as Umma gave Colin his own key. Hellman disregards his theory saying that Umma will have a simple explanation and that Umma could not be a secret agent, saying ‘she’s a very normal woman, no brains at all’. Tripe chuckles at this remark saying that Hellman had better be right.

Downstairs Umma enters the shop from the back door, the glances into the front shop from between the curtains, sees it is empty and beckons Colin, Franny and Anwar in. They walk into the shop and Anwar lays a handkerchief on the table and reveals the blue bead inside. Colin asks if it will work, Anwar confirms it will work, ‘it will destroy his greed’. Franny asks what he means so Anwar explains that with the bead he can fill Hellman with terror. Umma asks about what happened yesterday but Franny tells her to ask Colin as he is the secret agent. Colin does not answer as he is fixated on the blue bead. Franny then begins to tell Umma, ‘I was stuck under the table in there for hours and hours’. Colin then disagrees saying it was only for ten minutes then Franny had sent him an S.O.S so Colin had to come down and rescue her. Franny says it was not much of a rescue as he ran as soon as he saw Hellman. Hellman was in disguise as an old-fashioned Egyptian with a turban on his head. Umma asks why, Franny explains that he was playing a trick on Nyegel and the Policeman, pretending to be Anwar, he told them that Hellman had found the map and photograph and had gone to Egypt, he then drew them a map to find the tomb and they left. Colin adds that when he got downstairs only Hellman was left and he was locking the doors but he was very mad when he saw Colin, unsure of what was going on Colin realised they were in trouble so they ran, Franny tripped Hellman over, altered the clock to open the doors so they could escape. Umma asks what Nyegel and the Policeman said, so Franny replies that Nyegel just wanted to find the way to the treasure but the Policeman kept sneezing and talking about Grandison, saying that Grandison does not want the treasure as he only wants to find the tomb to change it into a disco, Anwar is confused at this saying in disgust ‘a disco?’

Upstairs in the attic Tripe asks Hellman when he is supposed to be meeting Umma, Hellman casually replies ‘five minutes ago’. Tripe tells him that he had better get downstairs to see her but Hellman says that Umma has not arrived yet; he knows this as with the radio he can hear everything that happens downstairs in the shop. Tripe listens closely to the radio and says he can not hear anything. Hellman tells him that is because there is nothing to hear as Umma can not have arrived yet. Tripe asks if he is sure the radio is working alright but Hellman tells him that he knows it is ‘I’m not a idiot Tripe’, he adds. Tripe then looks at him hoping he is correct.

Downstairs Colin is peering through the curtain to the front shop, saying that he wishes Hellman would hurry up. Franny thinks he will not turn up so Umma reassures her that he will. Colin then records a message on his dictaphone ‘Secret Agent C.A.B reporting, we’re all in The Wooden Kamel, waiting for Hellman. He’s supposed to be meeting Umma to talk about the photo and half a map. Tripe and Hellman have got the other half’. Franny interrupts him saying that he is playing spies again.

Upstairs Tripe is studying the architectural plans of the building but says he has no idea where they actually are. Hellman points out the attic room on the plans, Tripe then points to the shop and says that is where Hellman is going to meet Umma, Hellman rightly points out he might meet her in the backroom depending on which way she comes in. Tripe then tells Hellman his plan of sneaking downstairs and creeping up behind Umma, which he calls an ‘E.O.S’ or the element of surprise. Hellman complains that as Umma is not there she will not hear them coming, but Tripe assures him that he only has his word that Umma is not there saying that he does not trust Hellman’s word or the radio itself. Hellman tells him it is too bad saying that he is going down to talk to Umma when he is ready and on his own. They both agree but Tripe tells him that he will be right behind him ‘unheard and unseen, just in case of emergencies’. Hellman groans but Tripe continues to ask how they get downstairs. Hellman points out on the plans that Tripe will go down in the lift and he will go down via the stairs therefore Umma will be cornered. They both agree to this plan of action.

Downstairs Colin is panicked that Hellman might expect them to be there; Umma reassures him that Hellman thinks he has seen the last of them. Franny asks if Hellman will be alone but Umma tells them she is not sure as Tripe may be with him. Franny asks ‘what about the map and photo, aren’t we supposed to have them still?’ Anwar then tells them they are giving them to Hellman. Colin and Franny protest asking why they are giving him the map of how to find the treasure. Anwar reassures them that he does not want anyone to even look at the treasure, let alone steal it. Colin says that he stills does not understand but Anwars tells them to trust him, both Colin and Franny look at Anwar puzzled. Colin records an update on his dictaphone ‘latest info on The Wooden Kamel, just received a report that map and photo are to be given to number one enemy Hellman’.

Upstairs Hellman asks Tripe for the other half of the map which Tripe does but he questions whether Hellman will abscond. Hellman tells him that he will have to trust him and smiles gleefully. Tripe just looks back unknowingly.

Back downstairs Anwar is preparing the shop as Colin listens to his dictaphone, Franny tells him that the five minutes is up so Hellman can not be coming, saying it must be a trick. Colin just tells her to shush. Franny tells him that she does not trust Anwar saying ‘he’s a cheat, just like Ma Mossop was, they’re all cheats’. Anwar walks back through and Umma asks if they are here. Colin then tells them he can hear electrical interference on his Dictaphone; Umma realises it must be the motors of the lift. Franny then worries that there has been someone upstairs listening to them all of this time, Colin tells her that they would not have heard anything as the radio is not working, Franny asks how this is. Umma then shows her one of the radio transistors saying she made sure, just in case.

Upstairs in the shop, Tripe is getting in the lift to go down, Tripe asks when he should come out of the lift so Hellman tells him to do so when he can hear himself and Umma talking and if she tries to leave he is to stop her. The lift then starts to go down as Hellman walks towards the stairs; he presses the button to open the secret door but ends up kicking it to make it open.

Downstairs Umma can hear the lift coming down, Colin suggests hiding in the front shop but Franny assumes that if Tripe is there too, one of them could be in the lift and the other coming down the old stairs that Umma showed them the other day. Umma says they should lock the doors so Franny changes the hands on the clock and the back door swings shut and locks. Umma then props open the cupboard door (to the lift) with a bucket and explains that when these doors are open the lift doors automatically lock, Colin then realises if they are both in the lift Hellman and Tripe are trapped. Umma then beckons them towards the curtain to the front shop as the blue bead on the table begins to glow.

Tripe is making his way down in the lift, Colin and Franny peer backwards as they hear the lift getting closer. Tripe is still in the lift when they look back towards the front shop, as is Umma. The train on the table in the front shop starts to move around the track as Colin and Franny look into the front shop, Umma calls them back towards her and out of view. Tripe then reaches the shop floor in the lift as Hellman walks out the secret passageway from the Mummy sarcophagus. Umma calls out for Mr Hellman and he calls back, her name echoes in the empty shop. He then hears Tripe calling for him so Hellman calls back, Tripe asks where he is as he tries to get out of the locked lift. Hellman calls back for Tripe as he sees a glowing blue light from the back shop and a whisper calls for ‘Hellman’. Hellman calls again for Tripe but his call echoes. The whisper of ‘Hellman’ continues as he focuses on the Egyptian artefacts within the shop, the train goes around the tracks on the table and then falls off the table to the floor. Hellman rushes towards the table as some bars come down blocking the route through the sarcophagus and back upstairs. Hellman rattles the bars and realises he is trapped, he looks over towards the curtains and the blue light still glows. Anwar starts to walk through to the front shop holding the glowing blue bead and says ‘I hope you remembered the other half of the map Mr Hellman’, he pulls the half a map from his pocket as Anwar continues ‘I was sad to hear it had been torn’. Anwar completely walks through to the front shop as Hellman utters his name, ‘Anwar’. Anwar tells him that he knows better than anyone the way to the tomb of his ancient forefathers and that he is going to help him remember the way and find the treasure. Hellman says that he does not understand and he does not believe him. Tripe then calls out to Hellman. Anwar tells Hellman that all the doors are locked so he can not leave. Anwar asks ‘you do want the treasure don’t you?’, Hellman confirms he does so Anwar then tells him what he needs to do, he reminds him that the tombs have been sealed for thousands of years and that it is dangerous for him to enter them unless he knows exactly what he is doing. Anwar reminds him that the air inside the tomb is poisoned after all this time, Hellman retorts that he managed before but Anwar reminds him that not all his friends did. Hellman tells him that was because the others drank the poisoned wine but he never did and he will not this time. Anwar tells him that he will still need to take great care inside the tomb. Anwar tells Hellman that the wise men in his family think that Hellman should be shown the way to the treasure as he places Colin’s half of the map on a platter next to the blue bead. Anwar instructs Hellman not to touch the map but to place his half of the map next to the blue bead and not to try to trick him. Hellman places the half a map on the platter as Anwar continues ‘listen to the power of Ra, the giver of light; see the energy of time and space, watch’. Hellman clasps his hands round his head as he is engulfed with blue light from blue bead. Hellman asks what Anwar is doing so he explains that he is taking him on a journey to help him remember the way towards the treasure in the tomb. Hellman asks him to let him take the map and let him find his own way there. Anwar reminds Hellman of the Khamsin, Hellman clasps his hands tighter round his head as he mutters ‘yes, the desert wind’. Hellman goes back to outside the tomb, with the ferocious desert winds, as he remembers the first time, during the war, that he found the tomb. Anwar reminds him of the low building of sealed stone telling him he is back there now ‘the wind is forcing you to crouch low, the sand is biting your eyes but you can see the entrance and you are moving toward it’. Hellman says he does not want to remember. Anwar tells him that now Hellman is inside the tomb ‘standing in the darkness of five thousand years’. Colin and Franny continue to peer in from behind the curtains. We now see Hellman, as a young soldier, inside the tomb. Anwar continues ‘at your feet, another of your friends Hellman, another one who thought the gods would forgive him for stealing just one jewel, one precious stone of oh so many’. Hellman hears the echoes of a whisper ‘thief’. Anwar continues ‘the snakes here are white of evil, white because they’ve never seen the light of day’ Anwar warns Hellman that the snakes do not need sight to kill, they can live hundreds of years waiting for the greed of men to enter the tomb so they can feast. Colin and Franny gaze at each other as Hellman frets. Anwar continues to warn Hellman of the spiders that wrap their victims in spun gold. Anwar adds ‘your greed is greater than you Hellman, you are entering the tomb, the warmth of your body has drained away and disturbed the air, you’ve entered an inner room, much further than you got before, the walls there are painted with the symbols of life and the wealth of our forefathers. They hold a golden roof over the treasure of the tomb. The walls are cracking as you walk Hellman, splitting with the sound of thunder, falling with the terror of earthquakes and the roof is falling’. Inside the ancient tomb the roof is collapsing, sand is pouring in and the columns are toppling over. Anwar continues ‘falling and crushing, crushing the jewels, crushing the precious stones, the bones of your friends Hellman and crushing you’. Hellman screams as he clasps his head, the blue bead glows brightly as Anwar rests his hands above the bead and it fades away leaving the two halves of the map. Hellman then realises he is back in the shop and not in the tomb, he then sees the map.

Umma rushes towards the clock as Tripe calls for her to let him out, Umma ignores him and alters the hands to open the doors then she quietly sneaks out the back door and away. Hellman rushes towards the front door of the shop as he hears the whispering of ‘Hellman’. He runs outside and rides off on his bicycle. Colin and Franny chase into the front shop, Colin wants to chase after him but Franny tries to stop him. Anwar sneaks away via back shop. Colin sees Hellman cycling down the street away from the shop and he smiles to himself, he goes back into the shop to see Franny, Colin remarks ‘I don’t think he’ll be back’ and Franny replies ‘strange, so he thought he was actually in the tomb’. Colin reasons ‘must be the power of the bead’. They then go into the back shop trying to find both Anwar and Umma, but they have gone. Instead they find Tripe still locked in the lift, Franny asks what they should do so Colin tells her if they close the cupboard door the inner door of the lift will work and Tripe can get out. Franny says they should run afterwards to get away, Colin pushes the bucket out of the way and closes the cupboard door and they run into the front shop. As they run past Colin stops as he sees the two halves of the map burning away as the eyes of the Egyptian cat glow. The front door swings open and the breeze scatters the charred map to the floor. Colin and Franny then run out of the shop as the train pulls itself back onto the tracks on the table and goes around the track in reverse. The bars leading to the upstairs passageway raises up, the sarcophagus closes and the train comes to stop. The cat’s eyes stop glowing and the door to the front shop swings shut.

Outside the Wooden Kamel sign is still hanging from the front of the shop and a notice appears on the shop that states ‘Closed for the duration’. Colin and Franny rush away but they stop and Colin records a final message on his dictaphone, ‘Secret Agent C.A.B. reporting…’, Franny tells him to ‘come on’ but Colin tells her he has to make his report and the episode ends.