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'This is Secret Agent C.A.B. reporting, you've stumbled across the C.A.B. HQ Website detailing my adventures at Ma Mossop's shop and later at the Wooden Kamel. Over and out.'

Welcome to the C.A.B. HQ Website, dedicated to the Children's ITV programme of the late 1980's. On the website you'll find everything you need to rekindle those faded memories of this gem of 80's children's television, these include video clips, audio clips, episode guides, image galleries, magazine cuttings and much more.

What was C.A.B. about?

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C.A.B. was a British Children's drama series produced by Thames Television for Childrens ITV. The programme focused on Colin Freshwater, a wannabe secret agent (codename C.A.B), and his friend Franny Barnes (aka Franny the brill) as they investigate strange happenings in an old junk shop. Throughout the series they meet many people such as the devious Mr Hellman, the Egyptian Anwar, Umma the cleaning lady and Vine the mysterious plumber.

Many memories of the show exist, the 'pepsi' phone, the Wooden Kamel, the door that opens on the wrong side, the clock that has the mechanism to lock and unlock the door, the glowing blue beads, the egyptian cat statue, Colin's dictaphone recordings, the moving spacesuit, the chewing gum 'radio' transmitter, the Queen's Beast, the riddles and the many puzzles. If you remember any of the above it is C.A.B that you're thinking of.

Series one focused on a treasure in an ancient tomb, whilst Ma Mossop was away at Lambeth hospital, Colin and Franny are given the task of looking after her old junk shop and her cat Tatters. Whilst looking after the shop they get involved trying to solve riddles and clues to find the map of the tomb before the many suspicious characters that visit the shop including the formidable Mr Hellman, the sly Smith in his various disguises and the protector of the tomb Anwar.

Series two (titled The Wooden Kamel Mystery) carried on from the first series but Ma Mossop's shop has moved and is now a travel agency called 'The Wooden Kamel'. The story continues but focuses on a mysterious weapon that was left behind in the tomb during the second world war. Many new characters were introduced, Umma, Private Tripe, Nyegel and the Policeman, so Colin and Franny have to figure out who to trust and stop those who are out to get the secret weapon.

Series three (titled The Mystery of the Queen's Beast) focused on Jace Freshwater (younger brother of Colin) and Tracey (younger sister of Franny) with Colin assisting them and Mr Hellman who has acquired one of the Queen's Beast from Hampton Court palace, he becomes embroiled in a plot by Eleanor Plantagenet, and her assistant Robert, to claim the throne of England.

C.A.B. ran for 3 series (with a total of 33 episodes) between 1986 and 1989 in the UK. C.A.B. also aired in Australia and other countries over the world.

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C.A.B. celebrates it's 33rd anniversary!

C.A.B. celebrates it's 33rd anniversary in September 2019 with the first episode being broadcast on Children's ITV on 23rd September 1986. To celebrate the website has had some updates added. Enjoy the recent updates, stay tuned for more!

C.A.B. series 3 celebrates it's 30th anniversary in 2019 with the last episode being broadcast on Children's ITV on 15th August September 1989. To celebrate the website has had some updates added. Updates include an interview with Michael Bertenshaw (Vine), an updated series three image gallery, an anniversary video (right) and more.

Is C.A.B available to buy on DVD?

Unfortunately C.A.B. is yet to see a DVD release, but we are hoping this will change and a DVD release is forthcoming. There is currently a petition on the web for a DVD release, use the link below to view and sign the petition.

Bring C.A.B Out On DVD petition

You can find out more about our efforts to get a DVD release of C.A.B on the DVD Release Appeal page.

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