Series One - Episode Twelve: The Missing Links

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 9th December 1986, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVI (1986)
Consecutive Episode Number: 12
Fremantle Archive Ref: 33210
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Franny Barnes Louise Mason
Smith Graham Seed
Mr. Hellman Frank Gatliff
Anwar Lyndam Gregory
Written By Denise Coffey
Theme Music By Adrian Brett
Harmonica Tommy Reilly
Make Up Ann Briggs
Costume Designer June Cannon
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Bobby Webber
Production Assistant Hilary Cornwall
Designer Gillian Miles
Executive Producer Marjorie Sigley
Producer Charles Warren
Directed By John Darnell


Episode Synopsis

Colin and Franny's enemies are closing in. They must find out how the pieces go together and come up with some answers to escape danger. Anwar arrives and tells them a weird and wonderful story. But can they trust him?

Episode Guide

'This is Secret Agent C.A.B. That's the call sign for Colin Freshwater. I'm Franny Barnes, codebreaker Franny the Brill. I chose C.A.B. cause that's what's written on the window of Ma Mossop's shop. It used to be a Citizens Advice Bureau. Anyway we're looking after the shop and Tatters the cat while Ma is away in hospital. There's a secret in the shop which many people are after. Mr Johann Hellman is one of the suspects, he says we're asking too many questions'.

The episode continues from the end of the last episode. Hellman stands up and says 'you children want to know too much but to know any more my young friends could be dangerous'. Hellman then walks off. Colin and Franny walk into the front shop to follow him, Franny calls out 'Mr Hellman, what do you mean? Colin adds 'Why, what sort of danger?' Mr Hellman has already left as the door bell rings. Franny is concerned that Smith is the criminal, according to Hellman, and doesn't want to be there when he comes back. Colin argues what if Smith is correct and Hellman is the dangerous one. Franny adds 'what about Anwar? He's told us he's not on our side, nobody to Trust, they're all dangerous horrible and their stupid treasure is nothing to do with us. It's always the same when grown ups fight it out amongst themselves it's us kids that get hurt'.

Anwar is speaking on a public payphone, he says 'the children must be protected, thieves are closing in. Well it is my belief that Tatters the cat is the prize they seek'.

Smith, in his hideout, is on the phone to Mr Grandison as he says 'it's time for another of those cat's nine lives to be used up. Ok Mr Grandison, no problem'. Smith hangs up.

Hellman in his hotel room is on the phone to Mr Grandison, he says 'so Mr Grandison, you've found someone to do your dirty work cheaper eh. You just remember I know something nobody else knows, you don't want me to let the cat out of the bag do you?' Hellman hangs up and thinks to himself 'now I'm sure there's more in that shop than meets the eye and just when will you appear my little cousin?'

Colin asks Franny what they should do and Franny thinks they should go home. Colin says they can't go because of Tatters. Franny thinks it's Tatters' fault that they're in this trouble. Franny explains 'if you hadn't said you'd look after her in the first place'. Colin denies saying that and Franny reminds him that he was in there, pointing to the back shop, and he said 'we'll take care of Tatters while you're in hospital Mrs Mossop, I'm very fond of animals'. Franny explains because of Colin promising to look after Tatters they have had to come into the shop every day. Colin disagrees and Franny states 'and that's why we got mixed up in all this trouble'. Colin disagrees again as he walks into the back shop with Franny following him he explains 'it was because you found that secret box inside this pretend book, Ma Mossop was very angry'. They recall when Franny shows Ma the box, Ma gets angry stating 'where did you find that?', Franny says that it was from the back shop and Ma snatches it off her and takes it back saying 'you made a little mistake there dear, that's not it, that's not it at all'. Franny tells Colin 'That wasn't why she was angry', Colin thinks it was but Franny tells him 'No, no I know what it was, it was the tune played through the phone'. They recall this moment, music is heard through the phone and Ma reacts with 'who is this, who is it?' Colin agrees 'yes, that's right', Franny says 'that's when she started warning us about strangers asking questions about...', Colin interrupts '...a box. Franny you know we've got all the facts and all the clues, we just need to get them all in order'. Franny thinks they should look for Tatters but Colin thinks they should wait for her to come home, Colin reminds her 'when I went looking for her before, it was a waste of time'. Franny agrees and says 'ok, so we'll write down all the clues', colin adds 'and I can use my tape recorder to remind us'. Franny starts 'ok, so after you offered to take care of Tatters', they argue over who offered to take care of Tatters but Franny says 'let's just say we both agreed', Colin tries to interrupt but Franny continues 'after Ma had gone we hid the box', they recall this as Colin continues 'in the dragon's head', Franny adds 'then we came in the next day'. Colin confirms 'that was day two of the mission', he plays a recording from his dictaphone 'report Day two, break in' as they recall what happened, Franny, after picking up one of the boxes, remarks 'there's something funny, dangerous, all the boxes in the shop have been torn to bits like someone was looking for Ma's secret' Colin remarks that it's 'real danger'. Franny concludes 'but they didn't find the box they were looking for'. Colin says 'no, but do you remember that funny American?' Franny tells him they now know that was Smith in disguise and Colin reminds her that he took some photographs, they recall this with the American saying 'it's ok, no problem, I'll just take a shot of it to show the folks back home, this sure is one heck of a lens'. Franny says 'yes, and then the dragon's head was all torn the next day', they recall finding the beaten up dragon's head and finding the threatening note inside. Colin queries Hellman's motives by adding 'all that measuring the shop, what was he looking for?' Franny doesn't know but tells Colin that Hellman is a liar in some things. Franny recalls Hellman finding the broken dragon's head and him reassuring Franny that he'd go to the Police station to ask them to keep an eye on the place. Franny tells Colin that Hellman never did speak to the Police. Colin adds 'and it was Hellman who said there's a false wall in the shop' Franny agrees and adds 'that's another mark against Mr Johann Hellman'. Franny writes his name in her notes but says 'listen Colin, all that we've got written down so far is just, well...'. Colin finishes Franny's sentence with '... facts'. Franny says 'yes, but there's something else, something strange, remember I found out what the combination was'. Colin adds 'yes and you left a message on my tape recorder calling yourself Franny the brill'. Franny tells him 'be quiet, there was something else, I was looking at the lock', she recalls when she was looking at the lock and hears a voice telling her the numbers 4 5 6 7 which spells out FRED that enabled her to open the lock of the box. Franny questions 'what was that voice?' Colin adds 'was it the same as when I was in the cellar?' Colin recalls when he was stuck in the cellar and hears a voice calling out S.O.S'. Franny says 'there's only one person who can tell us about that'. They recall when they first met Anwar when he turned up at the shop. Franny questions 'why is he hanging around here all the time?' Colin adds 'he said I am is not on your side, I must do what my duty tells me'. They recall when Anwar helps Franny decipher the hieroglyphic message as Anwar says 'there the message tells you that the lady has hidden memories in the table'. Franny adds 'he stole that bead, perhaps he's just a common thief'. Colin says 'but what about that bloke Smith, he must be desperate to find the secret'. Franny doesn't understand so Colin continues 'well all those disguises' They recall his disguises, the milkman, the professor, and the lady that Jo said was a man dressed up so it must have been Mr Smith from MI5. Franny reminds Colin that it was Smith himself who said he was from MI5. Colin questions 'what about that messenger? The one you give the box to'. Franny adds 'I didn't trust him, that's why I kept the envelope and put a spoon in the box. Franny recalls putting the envelope in the teapot and giving the messenger the locked box with the spoon in it. Colin questions 'was that messenger Smith in disguise?' Franny answers 'it must have been'. Franny writes down the messenger as one of Smith's disguises. Colin says 'Franny, there are a lot of strange things happening here, remember how we heard a noise like sliding doors and how Hellman thought there was a steel door in the wardrobe'. Colin has walked through to the front shop and recalls Hellman trying to open the wardrobe door with his skeleton keys and him threatening to drill through to cupboard door lock to find out what's inside when it opened by itself revealing several different tables. Franny says 'yes, and do you remember how Mr Hellman also got mad at you when you found a map and then discovered it was only a map of Skegness', they recall this with Franny questioning Hellman, 'what map are you looking for Mr Hellman?'

Colin walks into the back shop and says 'I'm sure that Hellman is a real villain, I never liked him anyway but I don't like his black coat'. Franny states 'I'm not sure about anyone'. Colin continues 'and the blue bead was in the false drawer, right'. Franny adds 'I think so', Colin continues 'somebody found it but who?' Franny says 'well we saw Anwar take it from Smith'. Colin questions 'but how did Smith get the key to the drawer in the first place'. Franny says 'from the litter bin'. They recall this as Colin continues 'but that was Hellman, I saw him'. Franny tells him 'no, it was Smith disguised as a park keeper'. Colin says 'and there's all these things that were behind the picture', they look at the photographs and the typed 'painted white' message.

There's a knock on the back door as Anwar says 'Franny, Colin, are you there?' They realise it's Anwar and Colin calls out 'what do you want?' Anwar replies 'please let me in, it is very important'. Colin hides the photographs in his back pocket, Franny hides the rest of the stuff in her pocket and some underneath Colin's coat as Anwar says 'Franny, Colin, it is very important'. Colin let's Anwar in as he says 'I have to talk to both of you. You must leave this place'. Colin asks 'why?' Anwar answers 'please understand that when I say I am not on your side this does not mean I am your enemy'. Colin replies 'that's stupid, it doesn't make sense'. Franny asks 'Anwar just explain what you mean, what's this all about?' Anwar tells them 'there is danger all around us'. Franny says 'what?' as Anwar drawers the curtains between the front and the back shop. Anwar says 'just listen, do you remember I told you about the boy king, Tutankhamen?' Colin nods and says 'yes'. Anwar continues '...and of his twin brother hidden from men's eyes, far in the remote desert'. Franny nods gently as confirmation. Anwar continues 'you remember how I told you how they lived under the care of a priest of Ra and with the shepherd boy who wandered in that remote place one day'. Franny replies 'yes' and Anwar continues 'well years went by, the boys played happily together, they were boys who never grew up'. Franny thinks to herself 'Peter Pan'. Anwar continues 'but that was not the end of the story, the dark day dawned when the boy king died and he had to make the last great journey to the land of his ancestors but when the funeral of the great king took place it was his twin brother who was buried in the tomb'. Franny asks 'you mean they killed him?' Anwar replies 'yes and so the secret plan of the priests of Ra had begun to unfold'. Franny asks 'but why did they kill him? What was the point of that?' Anwar answers 'in those days there were thieves and jackals who watched where the riches of the royal ones were buried, then they would break the sacred seals and rob the tomb'. Franny asks 'so what happened to the real king?' Anwar tells them 'the body of the real king was taken far away to a secret place in the desert, a place known only the shepherd boy and the priest of Ra. The shepherd boy, I who am not I, was chosen to be keeper of the eternal secret of just where the real king was buried'. Franny says 'The tomb of Tutankhamen'. Anwar continues 'yes and that secret was passed on, in the desert, beneath the cloth of gold, lay the body of our true king, Tutankhamen, Nebkheperure, guarded by the eye of Ra.' He takes out the glowing blue bead and continues 'safe forever from human greed'. Franny asks 'so what happened to the shepherd boy?' Anwar tells her whilst taking out the other glowing bead 'the priest of Ra gave him another bead, the twin of the guardian eye and made him promise the he and his future generations would follow him would guard that secret forever'. Anwar places the two beads back into his pocket and continues 'the shepherd boy, took to himself a new name, Anwar Anamdad'. Franny concludes 'your ancestor'. Anwar nods and Franny says 'so that's why you took the blue bead from Smith'. Colin adds 'we thought you'd stolen it'. Anwar warns them 'we have little time, you must leave this place'. Colin tells him they can't until Tatters is back and Franny agrees they must wait for Tatters. Anwar tells them 'you are good children to want to stick to your duty but please do not hesitate too long. I will hide and wait for the thieves to return and with the help of Ra I shall destroy them'. Anwar leaves by the back door. Franny says 'I hope we're doing the right thing, perhaps we should just go home'. Colin asks 'but what about Tatters?' Franny replies 'as soon as she's back we'll report all this to the Police'. Colin questions 'Franny, what do you think Ma Mossop's got to do with all this?' Franny replies 'I don't know, that's the part of the jigsaw that's missing'. Franny walks through to the front shop and continues 'and what's it's all to do with this shop?' Colin is tidying the books on the table in the back shop as Tatters comes in through the cat flap on the back door, Colin exclaims 'Tatters, you're back', Tatters meows then Colin calls out 'Franny, Tatters is here'. In the front shop Franny hears loud footsteps, Franny asks 'what's that noise? Colin, Colin'.