Series Three - Episode Five: The Chamber Pot Plant

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Mystery at Ma Mossop's

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The Mystery Of The Queen's Beast

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Ep4: Robert the Brute
Ep5: The Chamber Pot Plant
Ep6: Getting Taped
Ep7: Trapped
Ep8: The Great Escape
Ep9: Friends or Foes
Ep10: Nicked in Time
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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 11th July 1989, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVIII (1988)
Consecutive Episode Number: 28
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37966
IMDB Link: Episode page
VTR Date: 30th September 1987
Prod No: K2155

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Jace Freshwater Ben Felton
Tracey Barnes Tracey McDonald
Hellman Frank Gatliff
Vine Michael Bertenshaw
Robert John Vine
Eleanor Judith Paris
Written By John Kershaw
Casting Director Linda Butcher
Make Up Anita Perrett
Costume Designer Janet Powell
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Cheryll Gunn
Lighting Director Chris Davies
Designer Graham Probst
Executive Producer Charles Warren
Produced and Directed By Neville Green


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Episode Synopsis

Jace, as agent C.A.B. has discovered a lot about the missing Queen Beast. He's found a video recorder and a cassette and also copied a secret message from an old paper. But the greatest find at the Wooden Kamel has been a gold Orb and Sceptre. Who is the lady called Eleanor Plantagenet, and why do Mr Hellman and the man called Robert keep calling her Your Majesty?

Episode Guide

'Secret Agent C.A.B latest situation - have identified the name in Hellman's puzzle as Eleanor of England using the quick brown fox code.'

Vine enters the lift with Jace.

In the attic Hellman, Colin and Tracey wonder find the monitors and discover that they've been watched all this time and Tracey begins to wonder if they've recorded anything. Hellman cover the monitors and tells the others they had better be going before Robert gets back. Tracey leavesd to go downstairs. Hellman tries to sneak off with the Orb and Sceptre but Colin warns him not to as it would incrimate him even more, Hellman agrees and he leaves them there.

Tracey arrives downstairs and Jace shows her an article in a magazine. When Hellman and Colin joins them downstairs Hellman snatches the magazine and continues to read the article. Jace says he doesn't believe the article and Hellman jokingly agrees with him.

Colin goes into the front shop and sees the cover over the beast is glowing. He uncovers the beast and he starts to see images of medieval sword fights and jousts, a rotating jewelled crown and a woman in regal robes. Suddenly the woman appears in the shop with Robert. Robert takes a photograph of Colin. Robert explains that they have photographs of them all and the Police could easily find them. The woman asks which child it is and Robert replies 'Pondwater', Colin corrects him.

Hellman joins them in the front of the shop and introduces himself to 'Eleanor of England'. Eleanor complains about the state of the building, Hellman says that he wants his title but she tells him to do what she asks of him. She confirms that Hellman has passed all the tests they had sent him and that there is just the matter of the beast and she'll have the power and Hellman must help her. He leads her into the back of the shop.

In the attic Jace is searching and picks up the orb and sceptre.

Downstairs everyone is in the back shop around the table. Eleanor asks where Vine is and Robert says he is out buying material for the plumbing. Eleanor then asks where the third child is 'Agent C.A.B', Tracey nudges Colin and points upstairs so Colin says that he must have gone home. Tracey says she has to go home but Eleanor insists that everyone must stay until he is found. Upstairs in the attic Jace has found a manuscript with a message with faded ink in the corner - Jace deduces that it must be some sort of code.

Downstairs Colin says that it's Mr Hellman's shop, Robert warns him but Tracey defends him 'who do you think you are throwing your weight about'. Eleanor sharply replies telling them that she knows who she is 'Eleanor Plantagenet, the rightful Queen of England.'

Jace uncovers a video recorder in the attic, records a message on his dictaphone. He realises that they must have got the photo of Hellman from the video. He removes the cassette and hides it in the pot of the potted plant. Jace covers the recorder and puts the orb and sceptre in the water tank.

Robert brings Eleanor a plate of fruit, he then warns the others they have photographs of them all in and entering the shop and their fingerprints would be everywhere so it would not take very much to incriminate them. Robert points out that they always wear gloves so they wouldn't get incriminated. Eleanor tells them to do exactly what they say. Eleanor asks Tracey what they had found upstairs, Tracey says she stayed downstairs on lookout but then she realises her blunder. Eleanor asks Colin if he saw the model. Hellman tells them that he advised against going upstairs and that they could not have done any harm with the documents and the gold - then he realises his mistake. Eleanor tells him he's pathetic. Hellman tries to excuse himself but Eleanor tells them they all have to stay. She asks Robert where the model and the tree is and he replies in the operations room. Hellman says that he didn't see any tree upstairs. Eleanor corrects him and says it is the tree of the royal line of England and she needs it to explain and afterwards all of them will serve them.

Eleanor goes to the front of the shop. Colin asks where Jace is, Tracey tells him that Hellman has sent him upstairs to get the orb and sceptre. Colin says Jace would be in trouble if caught and that Hellman would be too. He asks Hellman why he is creeping to them. Hellman says that he is trying to use his charm to get himself out of trouble. They all peer into the front shop.

Eleanor and Robert are looking at the beast. She tells Robert to go upstairs to find secrent agent C.A.B and the model and tree. Robert walks through to the back and they all jump away from the door. Eleanor walks in the back and tells Tracey to be quiet after she says she has to go home again.

Upstairs Jace hears someone approaching, he acts casually as Robert comes in and asks what he is up to. He takes the model and the document as Jace leaves.

Tracey insists she has to go and that her Mum would come around and start banging on the door. Robert brings Jace into the room, Eleanor asks him if he was looking for anything in particular. Robert passes Eleanor the model and the tree. Tracey insists again she has to go as her Mum would get ratty. Eleanor warns her again but she relents and lets her go but she is not to say anything, they have photographs of everyone to prove they all helped Hellman steal the beast.

Tracey goes to leave, Eleanor tells her to tell Colin and Jace's parents that they are staying with friends. As Tracey leaves she looks at the beast and Robert asks her what she's doing. Tracey tells him the crown moved, Robert looks closer and Tracey pulls the cord to let the cover down to trap Robert. She calls out to Colin and Jace to run. They exit from the back as Hellman spills the fruit over Eleanor, Robert warns Hellman. The children run away from the shop as someone watches them.

Eleanor sends Robert upsatirs to find out what they were up to. Hellman says that he does not know what she wants of him and what he should do. Eleanor tells him that she has something in mind that would suit him.

The three children run to Jace's hut, they start to decode the latest code Jace found in the attic. The code is noughts and crosses which spells Crown. The alarm tin cans starts to jangle as someone appears saying 'that's the clue to the beast alright matey'.

'Have decoded secret message about location of magic beast, must check with position of solar line and inform control. Someone has overheard us, will report back asap.'