Series Two - Episode Six: Saved By The Bull

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Wednesday 24th February 1988, 16.45pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVII (1987)
Consecutive Episode Number: 19
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37196
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Franny Barnes Louise Mason
Mr. Hellman Frank Gatliff
Private Tripe Victor Maddern
Policeman David Janes
Written By John Kershaw
Theme Music By Adrian Brett
Make Up Lesley Faulkner
Costume Designer Pam Doolan
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Hilary Cornwall
Designer Graham Probst
Producer Charles Warren
Directed By John Darnell


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Secret Agent Notes

The title of this episode, 'Saved By The Bull', is refering to Hellman calling Tripe a 'Bull' towards the start of the episode.

Episode Synopsis

Colin and Franny have a close shave when Private Tripe arrives and threatens Mr Hellman about the map. Hidden under the table they hear the soldier ask for the map of the desert where the Sacred Tomb is located. Umma has disappeared and so has Anwar, the keeper of the tomb, and they don't know what to do about the secret message 'Beware Timbuktu'. Their problems and the threat to their lives increase with the reappearance of the strange policeman in white sneakers. Will they escape from the villain?

Episode Guide

‘This is secret Agent C.A.B. C.A.B. is the call sign for Colin Freshwater. This is my assistant Franny Barnes, codename Franny the Brill. The secrets of Ma Mossop’s old junk shop have lead us to mysterious adventures at The Wooden Kamel’.

‘The mystery deepens, Nyegel, who I don’t think we should trust, gave me some chewing gum which is really a radio transmitter, Anwar disappeared, I tried to get the map and photo from Franny and bashed into the safe. It swung open and there was Colin’s bag, then Mr Hellman came in’.

Hellman walks in and sees them and sees the map and photo Franny is holding in her hand. Hellman stares at them both and they look back at him, Franny runs towards the front door just as Tripe walks in asking what is going on. Franny turns round and runs around Mr Hellman but in doing so Hellman holds onto the map and it rips in half leaving Franny with only half the map. Hellman is surprised to see Tripe, Franny and Colin run into the back shop and they both hide under the table.

Tripe tells Hellman that he should be the one to look after the half of the map; Hellman disagrees and scuttles into the back shop calling for Colin and Franny’s help. Tripe utters that it is just like Hellman to expect the children to save him, Hellman tells him to keep away calling him a Bull. He calls for Colin and Franny as Tripe follows Hellman into the front shop.

Under the table Colin says relieved ‘that was a close shave’, and Franny utters about the dust on the floor and she asks Colin what they should do. Colin tells her that he is thinking, Franny sarcastically replies ‘that means we’ll be here forever’.

Hellman is trying to avoid Tripe in the front shop as Tripe tells him to hand over the map, Hellman refuses and continues to dart around the shop, Tripe tells him again to hand it over.

Upstairs in the attic the Policeman is playing a driving video game on his computer monitor; all of a sudden he begins to hear, over his radio, the conversation between Tripe and Hellman downstairs. The phone starts to ring and eventually he answers it. He starts to discuss the situation with Mr Grandison telling him it is very noisy in the shop, he then turns the radio volume down so he can hear Grandison talking on the phone to him. The Policeman gets instructed to arrest the boy but the Policeman tells him that he can not do arrests; he only does ‘making enquiries, proceedings in directions and noises’, after being asked what kind of noises he makes the noise of a police siren. On his video game he crashes his car and mutters ‘Oh no my car’s just crashed’, he then tells Grandison that it is not his real car. The Policeman reiterates that he does not do arrests and gets told something and he responds ‘if you think that’s best sir, I’ll go straight away sir’. He then puts the phone down and stands up.

Franny (still hiding under the table) tells Colin they should rescue Hellman but Colin tells her he will have to do a report first, Franny tells him he has not got time to. Colin tells her he has not made a report about ‘beware Timbuktu’; they both wonder where Umma and Anwar have got to. They peer from underneath the tablecloth and see Tripe warn Hellman. Hellman calls the children again. Colin asks Franny for the map and photograph as he thinks they should hide it in his book and leave it under the wooden beam under the table because if they get caught it will be taken off them, Colin then does this although Franny does not think it is a good idea. The children then get out from under the table and Franny walks towards the back door but before the can leave the Policeman walks in. The Policeman asks if he his talking to Colin Freshwater so Colin nods his head, he tells him that they should have a chat at the Police station. Hellman then walks in with Tripe not too far behind. Hellman asks what he is doing there, then when Tripe arrives he sees the Policeman ‘uh the law’ and makes a run for it. Hellman tells him that he told him to leave it all up to him but the Policeman tells him he has had other orders. The Policeman tells Colin that they think they would like a look at the map and photograph he brought in a while ago, Colin tells him he has not got them so Hellman tells the Policeman the ‘girl has’ implying Franny. Franny shrugs her shoulders and the Policeman then utters to Hellman he has been told to get the boy. The children then notice that the Policeman is wearing plimsolls. Hellman asks where his book is and Colin suggests it might still be in his bag (which Hellman still has). Hellman then asks what is in Colin’s pocket so Colin shows him the chewing gum (that Nyegel gave him) but Hellman says it is filthy stuff. Then Franny shouts at Colin to run for it, Franny runs between Hellman and the Policeman and Colin runs out through the front shop. Hellman chases after Colin but Colin is already running up the street, Hellman gets on his bicycle and chases him. Franny is also running away with the Policeman trying to catch her. Whilst trying to catch Franny the Policeman has to stop to adjust his shoes, having lost sight of them Hellman and the Policeman slow down trying to see them. Colin arrives under a bridge, stops for a moment and then sees Franny at the other side of the bridge in the distance, he calls out to her and they join up, Colin says they must split up and meet up again at the infant school play area, Hellman and the Policeman then catch up and continue to chase after them. Hellman then runs into the Policeman and topples off his bicycle and the Policeman injures his feet, they pick themselves up and decide to go back.

Colin and Franny see them go, thinking they are going back to the shop, Franny asks if Colin noticed that the Policeman was wearing plimsolls. Colin reasons he must have bad feet. The Policeman tells Hellman that after he ran over his toes his feet are giving him gip, Hellman tells him he should have dressed properly then he would have been wearing boots. Franny asks what they should do about the map as she thinks it was a daft place to hide it.

Tripe arrives back at the shop and calls out for Hellman, he picks up his clipboard, hat and baton and walks into the back shop, he sits down and checks his watch then glances over and sees Colin’s bag. He stands up and shakes it but throws it down again, then he sees and picks up Hellman’s half of the map that was on the floor. He checks around and smiles to himself. The clock begins to chime so he checks his watch again perplexed why they say different times. He walks over and adjusts the hands on the clock, and then the doors automatically close and lock. He runs to the back door and tries to open it, then realises he is locked in. Tripe walks into the front shop and tries to get out the front door but finds himself locked in. He calls out for Hellman and looks around at the various artefacts in the shop including the Mummy Sarcophagus, the Egyptian cat and the space suit. He walks back into the back shop as Hellman and the Policeman arrive back, Hellman unlocks the door with his key and they walk in. Tripe picks up a frying pan and stands by the curtain into the front shop. Hellman and the Policeman then walk into the shop and Hellman presses the buttons on the Wooden Kamel in the shop, the train on the table goes round its tracks and the Mummy sarcophagus door swings open. Tripe is still behind the curtain unable to see what is happening. Hellman presses the buttons by the Egyptian Cat and the safe closes and its eyes begin to glow. Tripe walks into the front shop, clutching the pan but no-one is to be seen, Tripe calls out for Hellman but gets no reply.

Upstairs in the Policeman’s attic, he has his feet soaking in a bowl of water; he explains to Hellman that when the boy uses his recorder (Colin’s dicataphone) he can hear everything in the shop clearly. Hellman tells him that he is obviously not using it as they can not hear anything on the radio. The Policeman is confused why he can only hear things when Colin uses his dictaphone as he has only ever bugged the shop downstairs, Hellman grumbles that this was without his permission. Hellman sees the magazine with Grandison’s picture and says he often wondered what he looked like, ‘what a face’ he mutters, the Policeman tells him that he can not say that. Hellman then asks why he has a picture of Jacko Palermo. The Policeman tells him that Grandison wanted to know about him, explaining that Nyegel works for him, the Nyegel ‘Handsome C.A.B’, the one Hellman was told was a relative of Colin, Hellman says he does not believe he is a relative of Colin’s. They then hear something on the radio and the Policeman, thinking it could be the boy. The Policeman jumps out from the bowl of water thinking that having his feet in water might interfere with the signal. Hellman asks him if he knows what he is talking about and the Policeman responds telling him he is trained, Hellman then mumbles under his breath ‘what as?’. The Policeman explains that things keep going wrong and Hellman blames him for it because he pokes his nose into other people’s business. The Policeman tells Hellman he only did what Grandison told him to, saying Grandison could not wait for Hellman any longer. Hellman goes on to say that he has an arrangement with Grandison that if he finds the map and photograph Grandison then does the deal. The Policeman retorts ‘some arrangement’, and then Hellman complains that Grandison should have found a real Policeman, Hellman tells him that when he first let him have the room he was told that downstairs in the shop was nothing to do with him, only for coming and going, the Policeman says he knows and Hellman tells him he should not have bugged the shop. The Policeman tells Hellman again it was not his idea and was told to do so by Grandison. Hellman tells the Policeman that Grandison can ‘go take a running jump at himself’. Then they hear Tripe’s voice over the radio, calling out for Hellman, but mistake it for Grandison’s voice. Hellman listens in and tries to reply, saying he is there with his assistant (the Policeman). The Policeman then realises it is not Mr Grandison but someone in the shop, Hellman then notices it is Tripe’s voice and wonders how he got in the shop. Hellman reasons that when they chased the children the Policeman left the doors open. Hellman realises that he had half the map and must have dropped it when Franny ran out and that Tripe will find it, he runs to go downstairs but the Policeman asks who Tripe is, Hellman tells him ‘never you mind’ and that he is to help him. The Policeman tells him that if he does not tell him who Tripe is he is not going to help him as he has to report everything that happens to Grandison. Hellman then moans at hearing Grandison’s name again and picks up the bowl of water; suddenly they hear Tripe’s voice calling out for Hellman over the radio. The phone rings and the Policeman thinks it is Grandison ‘for the fifth time today’ and puts his Policeman’s Helmut on as he answers the phone. On hearing Grandison’s name again Hellman pours the water over the Policeman’s head.

Downstairs in the shop, Tripe is still wandering around, clutching the frying pan. Suddenly the train starts to move around the tracks on the table and the Mummy Sarcophagus opens and Hellman walks in, asking Tripe how he got in the shop. Tripe tells him he came in through the door as he normally does. Hellman then presses the buttons on the Wooden Kamel to close the secret door. Hellman asks Tripe how long he has been in the shop, Tripe replies ‘long enough’ and Hellman dashes into the back shop, Tripe then takes the half the map from his trouser pocket and places it in his jacket pocket and says to himself ‘long enough’ and he walks into the back shop, Hellman asks him ‘where is it’ and Tripe tells him ‘I think, that you and me, had better have a talk about that, don’t you corporal’ and the episode ends.