Series Three - Episode Four: Robert the Brute

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The Mystery Of The Queen's Beast

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Episode Details

UK Air Date: Tuesday 4th July 1989, 16.20pm
Copyright Year: MCMLXXXVIII (1988)
Consecutive Episode Number: 27
Fremantle Archive Ref: 37965
IMDB Link: Episode page

Cast & Crew

Colin Freshwater Felipe Izquierdo
Jace Freshwater Ben Felton
Tracey Barnes Tracey McDonald
Hellman Frank Gatliff
Vine Michael Bertenshaw
Robert John Vine
Written By John Kershaw
Casting Director Linda Butcher
Make Up Anita Perrett
Costume Designer Janet Powell
Graphic Designer Peter Lock
Stage Manager Dennis Redwood
Production Assistant Jane Mullard
Lighting Director David Motture
Designer Graham Probst
Executive Producer Charles Warren
Produced and Directed By Neville Green


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Episode Synopsis

Jace Freshwater has been discovering many things in the Wooden Kamel - a hidden camera, an old parchment with a great seal and a message in code which he can't decipher. Then he is discovered snooping around by Vine, the strange man who claims to be a plumber.

Episode Guide

'What does it say in the paper? Will the magnifying glass help us to read it? And what about this Lord Hellman bit? Shall we learn any more about that? Over and out.'

Hellman is asleep in the back of the shop worrying about the message in the bottle when knocking on the front door wakes him up. Hellman wakes up and discovers it's Jace at the door. Hellman lets hiom in by moving the hands on the clock. Jace rushes in with the magnifying glass. Hellman brings him some milk and locks the door with the clock hands. Hellman says about Colin coming but Jace says that he has extra homework to do.

Hellman goes to make a cup of tea but the water from the tap dries up. Hellman tells Jace that he's been up all night but he can not read the writing. Hellman also says that he has had visitors and someone has moved into the attic during the night.

In the loft Robert is talking to 'Your Majesty' saying he's sure that threy have the right beast and about not seeing Hellman yet saying he'll give him a bit longer to solve the riddle. Vine is listening to this through the attic hatch, Vine enters saying he's trying to connect some pipes.

Jace is looking around the shop through his magnifying glass, Hellman snatches it from him and reads the riddle:

Find my name learn it, then you shall serve me and become truly deserving, my Lord Hellma the brave. If you don't know my name the Police will quickly know yours, I hope you understand.

Hellman says that they have to find the name or the Police will know he has the beast but Jaces says that they can tell them he didn't steal it but Hellman says they wouldn't believe him as he's just a kid. Hellman continues to read the rest of the message which consists of a series of numbers:

3, 21, 3, 26, 13, 15 , 10, space, 15, 14, space, 3, 13, 33, 27, 26, 13, 31.

Hellman says he doesn't understand the puzzle and he starts to worry saying that Robert will be downstairs soon as he arrived last night. Jace looks at the puzzle and sees the letters QBF in the corner of the piece of paper.

In the attic Vine is leaving as Robert is looking at some parchment. He gets a phonecall from 'her Majesty'. Robert says that he is checking King Henry's document to make sure they have the right beast, she overhears some banging of the pipes, Robert explains it is only Vine the plumber thinking that each other had hired him - 'Didn't you? I didn't'. Robert asks him who asked him to fix the plumbing but Roberts goes saying he'll speak to him later.

Tracey and Colin arrive at the shop and Hellmna lets them in. Jace tells them about the code. The beast calls out to Colin but Hellman didn't hear it and thinks Colin is going potty on him.

When Hellman goes into the back shop Robert and Vine are there. Hellman tries to get out of not solving the clue by saying the children tore it up but they deny this. Vine tries to leave but can't as the door is locked. Robert threatens Hellman about giving his name and address to the Police, Hellman wants more time and his promised title but Robert insists he helps their cause and the Police don't like people comitting treason (as stealing the beast is considered treason). Hellman says he needs a few more minutes to get the answer. Robert leaves and takes Vine with him. Tracey, Jace and Colin enter the front shop telling Hellman they've figured out the puzzle, it's based on 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' and the numbers represent letters in the sentence, it spells out 'Eleanor Of England'. Hellman despairs.

Vine and Robert go upstairs in the lift, Robert tells him to stop fixing the plumbing and go away. Vine says that he has to stay as they don't have any water as he's had to cut the supply again as the pipes were leaking.

Downstairs the drips from the pipework are being caught in pots and pans in the kitchen. Hellman says the answer to the puzzle can't be Eleanor, as it has to be a King not a Queen.

Robert says he is to take Vine to see someone or else.

Colin is looking at the beast but he covers it up as Robert and Vine arrive downstairs, Hellman says he has the answer but Vine and Robert leave. Hellman says that he doesn't trust either of them. Jace, Tracey and Colin want to explore upstairs but Hellman wants to be cautious by waiting five minutes. Jace records an update on his dictaphone. Tracey says she'll keep lookout, so Colin, Jace and Hellman go up in the lift.

Back at the canal boat Robert takes Vine to see the Queen.

Upstairs in the shop's attic Jace finds a meddallion with Henry VIII's seal on it. Jace takes a photo of it and another of a document Colin finds. Jace uncovers some monitors and rushes downstairs. Colin begins to read the document:

'Be it known that the true power of England once vested in the mighty stone from which King Arthur of blessed memory rested the sword now resides in the guardian beast brought from that same granite rock, that the realm shall remain secure if we Henry, the eight King of that english name, have noted to the best of our powers the interests in all that lay claim to the throne, knowing that only the true monarch endowed with the spirit of kingship can demand of the beast of the Kingdom's crown, that the pretendus of not false claims make, the guardian beast itself shall guard it be at the palace of the court at Hampton on the Thames river. And only those who have the undertsanding of secret codes with which it shall be further protected, shall if they be of true family blood and line know our spirtual beast for what it is, for what it is.'

Downstairs Jace uncovers the CCTV camera, he tells Tracey to go upstairs and tell the others to watch the monitors, he starts to pull faces and the others see this on the monitor. Jace records anothermessage on his dictaphone as he enters the lift. Someone then catches him as the lift stops, 'So you're the secret agent then are you Jace, I thought it was your brother'. The episode ends with Jace's update:

'Who's Eleanor? Will Hellman agree to help Robert with the cause and if he doesn't what will happen to him if the Police get involved? What is the meaning of the model and the Henry the eighth document?'