Here is a collection of the most asked questions regarding the programme and the website.

The Website F.A.Q.

Why have you made this website?
It started as a small project to help people remember the programme as there was little information about it on the internet and it has just grown from there.

I have an idea for the website - would you like to hear it?
Of course, any ideas or contributions to the website are very much welcomed. We want this website to be for the fans made by the fans. You can contact us via the link at the top of the page.

What have you got planned for the next updates and when will this be?
We hope to expand the website as much as possible, if you have any ideas please let us know. We do hope to add regular updates to keep the website as up-to-date and informative as possible. We have a one more episode from series one to write the episode guide for, aside from this we have no definite plans for specific updates but you can expect more video clips, sound clips, images, episode guides, links, memories and more features (the new features are currently top-secret)!

Can you include interviews with the cast and/or crew of the show?
We have been in contact with some of the cast and crew of the series to request interviews for the website. Interviews have been added to the website starting with Denise Coffey (Series One writer) in 2008. This was followed by Tracey Moore (nee McDonald, Tracey Barnes in series three) in 2012, Graham Seed (Smith in series one) in 2016 and Michael Bertenshaw (Vine in series three) in 2019. All these can be found in the interviews section.

We'd very much love to include more interviews with many of the cast and crew (and if any of the cast and crew find this website please get in touch). Unfortunately many of the cast are difficult to trace (and the crew even more so) and some have since passed away. If we are able to contact any of the cast or crew in the future we'll try our utmost to get an interview for the website.

Can I use some of your images on my website?
Please contact us to ask if you would like to use any of the images on this website. Most images have been produced by us. Please provide us with a link to your site and if your site is about C.A.B, children's TV or the cast or crew of C.A.B we'll most likely let you use some of the images and we can also add a link to your website/webpage.

Why has your website moved again?
This is now the C.A.B website's fourth home, having been at 50webs since 2007. The first was at freewebs and was moved from there due to the limited space and amount of files that could be used, then the website moved to cabspace which seems to have been down for a considerable length of time so the website moved yet again to cabfanclub.co.uk but due to technical limitations we felt that we needed total control so the website has found a new home here at 50webs. And hopefully here it will stay!

I click on some links which take me to a coming soon/top secret page - when will these pages be added?
We are constantly aiming to update the website and we still have some ideas and pages in the planning stage. The links have been added already as this will make it easier updating the website menu once these new pages are active. These new pages will be added as soon as possible but they will only be added when they are ready.

The Programme F.A.Q.

Is C.A.B available to buy on DVD/Bluray/VHS or digital download?
Unfortunately not but we are hoping that Fremantle (who currently own the rights to the programme) may decide to release the series commercially, find out more about our DVD release appeal here!

I've seen a DVD of C.A.B for sale on another website, is this an official release?
As there has been no official release for C.A.B this must be a copy made by someone profiteering from the lack of an official release. There are certain unscrupulous websites that do copies of old TV programmes for highly inflated prices, we would suggest you do not use these websites as there is no guarantee of the quality of their service or the DVD itself. The website in question is no longer online but in the past there have been messages left on various forums about some of these websites selling DVDs most of which warn others against buying from them. If a website appears selling C.A.B. DVDs please remember the old adage - buyer beware.

Can you do me copies of episodes/series?
We do not copy any episode/series for profit but will certainly copy episodes or series for trade, if you have any of the other episodes please contact us. A complete guide of the episodes we have can be found here!

I have copies of episodes you may not have - would you like a copy of these?
Yes please! We hope to complete our collection of the series so we can add even more detail to the website. We will gladly trade copies of any of the episodes we have.

Unanswered or ongoing Questions

These are some questions about C.A.B where we just do not know the answer - can anyone else answer these?

Was an episode of dramarama a pilot episode for C.A.B?
There is a post on the sausagenet.com forum stating that this is the case, but we're unsure as there is no episode of Dramarama that has a similar storyline that uses any of the main cast or crew of the first series of C.A.B. Does anyone else know anymore about this?

Where was C.A.B filmed?
C.A.B was filmed around London and the outside shots seem to have been filmed mainly on location. Some locations are known (i.e. The Wooden Kamel exterior for series two and three and the outside Hampton Court in series three), Graham Seed confirmed that series one was filmed in the Swiss Cottage area of London. Other locations are not known, does anyone know where exactly Ma Mossop's shop and any other locations for C.A.B are in London? The inside shots were most likely filmed in the Teddington studios - the back door of the Wooden Kamel is exactly the same as the back door from Ma Mossop's shop in the first series. For more details of the known filming locations see the on Location page.

Was C.A.B ever repeated?
We do not know for definite but C.A.B was likely to have been repeated as many other Children's ITV programmes were repeated a few years after initial broadcast. C.A.B also aired in Australia and was most likely repeated there. Does anyone else know for definite if C.A.B was ever repeated either in the UK or Australia or have repeat airdates?

When did C.A.B air in Australia?
We do not know many airdates for C.A.B in Australia but it was probably broadcast shortly after the UK (maybe 2 to 5 years later) and most likely in the late 1980's. I've had confirmation from a viewer in New Zealand who watched series one from the end of February 1987, only a few months after it aired in the UK! Does anyone know any exact dates when C.A.B aired in Australia? We've now found some newspaper articles to show episodes 3 and 4 from series one aired in September 1990 but this is likely to have been a repeat screening in Australia.

Did C.A.B air in any other countries?
We do not know for certain but as C.A.B was sold to Australia it was likely to have been sold to other countries too. These are the countries we've had indication that C.A.B aired in:

New Zealand
I've also had an e-mail from a viewer who watched C.A.B in New Zealand.

Hong Kong
I have had confirmation from the person who has signed the DVD petition that C.A.B did air in Hong Kong most likely on the TVB: Pearl channel (if not the ATV channel) around 1988/1989.

There is also a Israeli Webpage which seems to be about C.A.B (a series guide has been posted there) but as we do not know what the hebrew text says we're not sure if it did air in Israel for definite. The Bring C.A.B. Out On DVD petition has signatures from people from Israel so C.A.B most likely aired in Israel!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
There's a post on our C.A.B HQ Forum to say C.A.B aired in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in the late 1980's on Channel 33.

Does anyone know if C.A.B aired in any other countries apart from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Israel and Dubai?

What other programmes did Felipe Izquierdo (Colin), Louise Mason (Franny), Ben Felton (Jace) and Tracey McDonald (Tracey) appear in and what are they doing now?
It appears that none of them currently work as actors, the Internet Movie database and the Film & TV database have limited information about any other appearances.

Felipe Izquierdo appeared in a few other programmes in the late 1980's/early 1990's. Starring or recurring roles during these years include playing the character Sigmasix, the arch rival of the lead character in both series of 'Kappatoo' (1990 and 1992) and as Rob Appleton in the TV mini series 'Eye of the storm' (1993). Guest roles include playing Cedric in an episode of 'Are you being served?' (1985); as Lee in the BBC schools programme 'Scene' (1989); as Gary in an episode of the ITV comedy 'The Upper Hand' during series three in an episode titled 'Once Bitten Twice Shy' (1991); as Juan in an episode of London's Burning (1992); as Joshua/Jemadah in BBC kids sci-fi series 'Watt on Earth' (1992); as Julio Salinas in the first episode of the ITV drama 'The Knock' (1994) and as an Argentinian soldier in the TV short film 'WIN' (1995). Later in the 1990's Felipe appears in minor roles as an OSC surveillance officer in an episode of 'Touching Evil' (1998) and also as a spanish waiter in 'My Summer with Des' (1998). Felipe has not made any known appearances since. For more information about Felipe, including images and appearances in other programmes see our Felipe Izquierdo page.

Ben Felton appeared in a few other programmes in the late 80's/early 90's but nothing afterwards. These include an episode of 'Dramarama' (1987) and 'The Bill' (1990).

Tracey McDonald appeared alongside Colin Baker in the TV show 'Cuckoo' and also appeared on stage during her childhood. Tracey currently runs her own busines and can be found on Twitter here.

Louise Mason has no other credits to her name.

Does anyone else know if they have appeared in any other programmes?