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We, the undersigned, endorse the Bring C.A.B. to DVD petition.
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152Stuart William Dewhurst
Lancaster, UK
It must be released on DVD. It was one of the greatest TV shows ever.
All Series29th October 2018

151John Lee
Release this series! Either on physical media (DVD/Blu-ray) or for streaming. Doesn't matter to me
All Series23rd October 2018

London, UK
Id almost completely forgotten about this show, but something recently made me think of it. Would love to see it again.
All Series17th September 2018

149Emma Chew
Would love to have this on DVD so I can show it to my children.
All Series2nd May 2018

148Steve Blair
Fife, Scotland, UK
There's a market for this. Get it released please.
All Series24th April 2018

Lichfield, UK
Fond memories of this show.
All Series9th December 2017

146Mr R Allen
Skegness, UK
A well remembered show that certainly warrants a DVD release.
All Series9th December 2017

145Bob Collins
Canterbury, UK
A DVD release for this show would be most welcome, especially as it's now having its 30th anniversary. Fond memories of this show; great theme and atmosphere, great children's TV. A quality product, and one which deserves to be remembered with a commercial release.
All Series20th September 2017

144Stuart William Dewhurst
Lancaster, UK
It was the best childrens TV series in History. The casting, the acting, the sets and special effects were wonderful. The story, the narrative, the plot were superb. In the words of the late Freddy Mercury 'Bring it back. Bring it back. Don't take it away from me. Because you don't know, what it means to me.'.
All Series27th February 2017

143Stephen Stewart
Victoria, Australia
This was a great show, which I enjoyed so very much in my teen years. This deserves to be and needs to be released in dvd and bluray format, for future generations as well as myself, to enjoy. Please make this happen!
All Series21st August 2016

142Steve Blair
Cellardyke, Fife, UK
Great show for the modern family.
All Series14th August 2015

Melbourne, Australia
I would LOVE to see this children's classic from my childhood!! It's taken me ages to find out what the series was called but now I know that I wasn't I fact dreaming it up, I want to see it again!!
All Series12th July 2015

140Colin Wood
Kent, UK
All Series16th June 2015

Would be so cool to see this again! Thanks.
All Series19th May 2015

London, UK
Loved it!
All Series21st March 2015

137Mark Rae
Montrose, UK
Please release C.A.B. on DVD!
All Series22nd February 2015

136Maria House
Havant, UK
I've been looking for information on this program for ages. Glad to have finally found it.
All Series1st February 2015

135Andrew Howard
DVD and Blu Ray please!
All Series20th January 2015

134Rod Hannah
London, UK
Please release these C.A.B. children's mystery drama series either digitally or as a boxset to celebrate the anniversary as soon as possible! Thanks a million!
Series One & Two15th January 2015

133Phil Lancaster
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
C.A.B was a great 80's kid show. Bring it to DVD!!!
All Series15th December 2014

132Donna Martin
Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK
Bring CAB out on DVD.
All Series21st August 2014

131Michael Welch
I loved this show as a child, and would buy it in a heart beat if it were available!
All Series15th May 2014

130Kim Madison
Brisbane, Australia
Love this show.
All Series1st March 2014

129Lyn Corbett
Willenhall, West Midlands, UK
Great series. My kids loved it. They are grown up now but would love to get them the series on DVD.
All Series7th January 2014

128Joanna Chapman
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK
Would love to see this again on DVD. Loved this programme and no one else remembers it that I know. Please make DVDs of it.
All Series21st December 2013

127Merriman Hunter
Kyneton, Australia
Bring it back! We'll buy it!
All Series19th October 2013

126Joanne Walsh
Warrington, Cheshire, UK
I would love to see this on DVD. My brother and I loved watching this show.
All Series11th September 2013

125Rob Cotterell
Sydney, Australia
Would love to see again.
All Series5th May 2013

124Gavin Hickey
Wigan, UK
I loved this show when I was a kid, looked on amazon and YouTube and all sorts of places trying to find it.
All Series3rd May 2013

123Georgina Bell
I loved this series as a kid and would really like to be able to share it with my kids.
All Series8th February 2013

122Miss Moloney
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK
PLEASE bring these out!
All Series1st February 2013

121Andy Child
Birmingham, UK
Yes - Please, please, please release this series on DVD!!!
All Series26th January 2013

120Paul Johnson
Liverpool, UK
Please release CAB on DVD to remind all us retro TV fans of a special part of our childhood. And while you're at it release T-Bag and Knightmare as well!
All Series29th December 2012

119Lindsay Munro
Edinburgh, UK
Loved this programme when I was wee!
All Series23rd December 2012

118Lynne Papadimitriou
Sunderland, UK
I would absolutely love to see this again.
All Series21st December 2012

117Lisa Ackers
Manchester, UK
Completely love this, only just found out what it was called after years of wondering, would love to watch the episodes on DVD!
All Series19th December 2012

Wigan, UK
Please release it on dvd, as i found it VERY intruiging and addictive.
All Series21st July 2012

115Jenny Purser
Birmingham, UK
I would love to see this show again!
All Series5th June 2012

114John Sturdy
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK
I never did see the start of the first series. But I do remember being a big fan of this show right from the moment I found it. It's just one of a few I'd like to see on dvd, other examples would include The Gemini Factor, Dramarama & Pressgang!
All Series23rd May 2012

113Tom Moore
Buckinghamshire, UK
My Mum is in this and I really want too see her acting please bring it out on DVD PLEASE!!!!!
Series Three15th May 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I want this!
All Series2nd May 2012

111Shelagh Fitzwilliam
Cumbria, UK
I loved that show and was just looking for awesomeness to share with my kids. Was so sorry to see it's not on DVD. I need to share it :)
All Series10th February 2012

110Jeff Daniel
Melbourne, Australia
I have great memories of the show. Please release it on DVD.
All Series13th December 2011

London, UK
Please bring this out on DVD! It was a haunting show and I still remember the feeling it used to give me!
All Series7th December 2011

108Adam Trembath
Penzance, Cornwall, UK
Please please. Bring them out on dvd is only chance we can see it. will never be repeated. T-Bag has worked. This should be next.
All Series8th August 2011

I was brought up in the uk and loved this show! It would be fantastic to watch it again would bring back sooo many happy childhood memories!
All Series9th July 2011

106Colin Watts
Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Please release it, I loved it so much as a child and have never been able to forget it.
All Series29th March 2011

105Dawn McGuckin
Brighouse, West Yorkshire
CAB was something my sister and myself watched avidly when we were younger. It brings back such good memories of us being together, we would pay good money for a copy of this dvd, seriously!
All Series10th February 2011

104Ben Treadwell
Adelaide, Australia
Would love to see this series released on dvd. So many great memories of this television program from my childhood. It's what sparked my interest in Egypt - some 25 years later and I'm still interested!
All Series9th December 2010

103David Booton
Newcastle-under-lyme, UK
Classic series needs a dvd release!!!
All Series18th November 2010

102Michael McGowan
London, UK
Please please please release this great program from childs.
All Series30th October 2010

Bring out the DVD!
All Series12th September 2010

100Ana Steiger
London, UK
Loved it since a kid, would love to own it!
All Series16th August 2010

99Seanin Hoy
Northern Ireland
I have been searching for this show for years and finally read that someone else was looking for a show describing an antique shop and Egyptian connection. I loved this show! There is an enormous demand for retro shows like this so it makes sense to release it on dvd. Please please pretty please release it! I am approaching 30 and hanging on to my childhood for dear life!!
All Series7th August 2010

98David Haim
Jerusalem, Israel
We want dvd.
All Series11th July 2010

97Jason Lloyd
I love this show! I watched it when I was a kid and I would love to buy all three seasons if they were ever released on dvd. Please release them!
All Series27th June 2010

96Michelle Thacker
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK
A brilliant series!
All Series20th June 2010

95Catherine Barron
Surrey, UK
I loved this series. Please bring it out on DVD!
All Series31st May 2010

94Cheryl Dando
Wolverhampton, UK
This was brilliant, bring it out on DVD so people don't think I'm making it up!!
All Series2nd March 2010

93Bruce Boutell
Coalville, Leicestershire, UK
I loved this show as a child. Would be fantastic nostalgia trip to enjoy it again! I'd buy the DVD.
All Series16th January 2010

92Jonathan Spittle
Boston, Lincolnshire, UK
Remember watching as a child, very good series, often wondered what happened to it, hopefully it will be released onto dvd.
All Series25th November 2009

91Karen State
Huddersfield, UK
C.A.B. is the best.
All Series23rd November 2009

90Natalie Crossley
London, UK
I loved C.A.B growing up. I want to see Colin the Brill again!!!
All Series30th September 2009

89John Crossley
London, UK
Please bring out C.A.B. - all the old shows have had DVD releases and have sold well. This mini-series would do well. And I never saw season 1, so part of my life seems incomplete somehow!
All Series30th September 2009

88Joanne Crumpton
Birmingham, UK
I've being trying to remember the name of this programme for ages, as its always stuck in my mind. Having managed to find it via the continuity clips on Youtube, I would like to be able to buy it on DVD. Thanks
All Series4th September 2009

87Francis Kinsella
Hampshire, UK
Please bring CAB out on DVD! :-)
All Series27th August 2009

86Daniel Millar
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Was my favourite when I was a kid, luckily I remembered the name. Scary and really cool at the same time. Hell, I'd buy it for sure.
All Series25th July 2009

85Shane Cornelius
Southampton, UK
I have fond memories of this series and would give an arm or leg to see them again.
All Series14th May 2009

84Catriona Greig
Edinburgh, UK
Loved this show, and would really, really like the chance to be able to watch it again.
All Series31st March 2009

83Robert McDonald
Melbourne, Australia
I loved the show as a kid and would love to see it again.
Not specified

82Peter Felton
Farnham, Surrey, UK
We want CAB.
Not specified

81Ben Felton
Surrey, UK
Please release it as I am in it and have tried every way to get a copy of it with no success!!!!
Not specified

80Tony Mortimer
Exeter, UK
Please release this I would love to see it again.
Not specified14th February 2009

79Ben Cochrane
Bradford, UK
I'll buy two.
Not specified

78Simon Brown
Kettering, UK
Remember this, watched all 3 series and loved it!!
Not specified

77Brad Adams
Queensland, Australia
Please bring CAB on dvd.
Not specified

76Himesh Malde
Wembley, Middlesex, UK
We need this on dvd!
Not specified

75Victoria Carpenter
Auckland, New Zealand
Please this on DVD, it was an excellent series.
Not specified7th November 2008

74Mark Robinson
York, UK
Please put this show on dvd.
Not specified

73Dana Shamama
Miss that show.
Not specified

Lincoln, UK
A classic programme, deserves to be on dvd.
Not specified

71Simon Hunt
Guildford, Surrey, UK
Would be great to see this again. Please release it!
Not specified

70Kenny Whyte
I would without doubt buy at least the first series of this. I have many happy memories of it, and would LOVE to see it again!
Series One6th August 2008

Wylie, Texas, USA
I loved this show as a kid and will definitely buy the DVD release
Not specified

68Anna Davies
London, UK
The best series ever!
Not specified

67Joe Wilson
Liverpool, UK
Just release it dammit.!we loved it.!
Not specified

66Janet Howkins
Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK
It's taken me 18 years to find this programme as I could not remember what it was called and therefore need the dvd so I don't forget again
Not specified

65Jonathan Phillips
Gosford, New South Wales, Australia
Pls bring it to Disc.
Not specified

64Angela Luton
Kennington, Kent, UK
I loved this programme as a child and really want it released on DVD so I can relive it!
Not specified

63Edward Giddings
Edinburgh, UK
I would love to have a chance to watch this criminally overlooked show again. C.A.B. is long overdue a release on DVD, and I would definitely buy the complete Series 1-3.
All Series

62Belinda Anastasia Pearce
Canberra, Australia
Pleeeeeease bring this out on DVD
Not specified

61Al Simons
Bath, UK
I would love to own all 3 series of this series
All Series

60Craig Kelly
Bradford, UK
I would love to see CAB on DVD!
Not specified27th November 2007

59Kevin RUIZ
I loved this show when I was a kid and watched it on Gibraltar TV GBC TV
Not specified

58Paul 'Spyder' Johnson
Liverpool, UK
Please bring CAB out on DVD would like all 3 series if possible!
All Series

Harthill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Bring out this classic show please!
Not specified

56Tom Ball
Bath, UK
I need this back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not specified

55Harry Emambocus
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK
I loved this show as a kid and would love to see all 3 series out on DVD as a box set - I would definitely buy it!
All Series

Grays, Essex, UK
Not specified

53D Light
Westbury, UK
DVD and I can relive the best years of my life!!!
Not specified

52Mark Gregersen
Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
Not specified

Ipswich, UK
This is amazing and needs a reissue.
Not specified

50Lisa Pickering
South Wigston, Leicestershire, UK
this was a brilliant series which I watched avidly whenever it was on.
Not specified29th July 2007

49James Buird
Old Whittington, Chesterfield, UK
This series was superb.
Not specified

48Zishan Khan
Hounslow, UK
A classic from my childhood. Absolutley loved the show.
Not specified

47Zoe Parsons
Brighton, UK
I used to love this series when I was a kid...
Not specified

46hayleigh rust
London, UK
bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not specified

45Andrew Lovejoy
Wirral, UK
This would make a great DVD release. Whatever happened to Louise Mason? I really liked her.
Not specified

44Gavin McCulloch
Wirral, UK
Bring the series to DVD please
Not specified

43Jennifer Dunford
Tiverton, UK
loved this programme at the time remembered all these years with no proof it existed. Would love to see it again and fiannally find out how it ended.
Not specified

42Andrew Mackenzie
Liverpool, UK
Loved this series as a teenager and would love to see it again.
Not specified

41Simon Stabler
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
I've been waiting years to see this again!
Not specified

Huddersfield, UK
This was a fantastic series i used to watch as a child in the 80's. And should be brought out on dvd for us to enjoy and all those who never saw it when they were children.
Not specified

39philip klintworth
Romford, Essex, UK
Just bring it out on dvd, how hard is it?
Not specified

38Andrew Dehany
London, UK
Great TV.
Not specified

37Janet Boyes
London, UK
this was great you must release it on DVD
Not specified

36Simon Boyes
St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK
I love it!!
Not specified

35Antony Bishop
London, UK
We want CAB on DVD!
Not specified

34Sarah J Greenway
Lincoln, UK
Not specified

Clacton-on-sea, Essex, UK
brill show
Not specified

32H Collins
Bath, UK
I have been waiting nearly 20 years to see this show again! Please bring it to DVD!
Not specified

Not disclosed
Please release CAB onto DVD
Not specified

30Shamsher Singh
Motherwell, Scotland, UK
I would be very interested in a DVD release of C.A.B. It was a terrific show from my childhood, and fully deserves to be unleashed on DVD.
Not specified

Wolverhampton, UK
T-Bag was very adventurous to watch, we dont get that on tv anymore.
Not specified

28Jason Louis
York, UK
please release this wonderful childrens drama on DVD
Not specified

27Anthony Scott Hughes
Basildon, Essex, UK
Please bring it back
Not specified

26Paul Burley
Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
This show holds probably my most earliest memory of TV full-stop! For a long time, I was seriously convinced it never existed, but it's nice to be proven right and to see so much support for a DVD release. Sooner the better I hope!
Not specified

25James Houghton
Selly Park, Birmingham, UK
Bring back CAB
Not specified

24Daniel Light
Westbury, UK
Not specified

Liverpool, UK
It'd be great if C.A.B. came out on DVD. When you see some of the rubbish old kids TV shows that get released on DVD today it's a shame that the real cult classics get forgotten. I'd definitely buy all 3 series.
All Series

Huddersfield, UK
I have happy (and spooky!) memories of this excellent series - please release the entire set on dvd!
All Series

Glasgow, Scotland, UK
I loved this prog when I was a kid. Tho ppl think im mad as no 1 else remembers it.
Not specified

20Zohar Azoulay
Hadera, Israel
Not specified

Hope it'll work
Not specified

Hong Kong
I last watched that show 15 years ago! Totally have to see it again.
Not specified

17Matt Wright
Cheetham, Manchester, UK
I would definitely purchase all three series of this fantastic show. It is a true classic, showing some of the most imaginitive writing in children's drama over the past twenty years.
All Series

16Dan Watts
London, UK
Bring it back. It was genius.
Not specified

15Ben Blackwell
London, UK
PLEEEEEEEASE BRING IT OUT SOON! I missed the last episode as a child.
Not specified

14Vivienne Stirrett
Merseyside, UK
I'd love to see this program again as I have such fond memories of it.
Not specified

13Neil Passfield
Chelmsford, Essex, UK
I would buy all of C.A.B. were it available on DVD. I've been waiting years to see this again.
All Series

Cardiff, Wales, UK
Not specified

Bristol, UK
Please revive this classic!
Not specified

10Gemma Richards
Cornwall, UK
Gotta see this again!
Not specified

9Karl Orbell
London, UK
A classic series, undervalued.
Not specified

8Rachael Fowler
Godalming, Surrey, UK
please release it!
Not specified

7Brad Cooper
Sydney, Australia, 2200
A first-class, kids show! I remember it with great affection and warmth. It would be wonderful to revisit C.A.B. once again!
All Series

6Jose Da Silva
Brisbane, Australia
The release of CAB on DVD is welll overdue. Please release the three seasons so new generations can discover its wonder.
All Series

5Jamie Hall
Cambridgeshire, UK
Please release C.A.B. on DVD, I would definitely buy all three series. It would be fantastic to see this lost classic of Children's television from the 1980's in it's entirety. Releasing C.A.B. on DVD would give everyone the chance to remember this forgotten gem of 80's children's television - nostalgia can never be underestimated - this has the potential to be a big moneyspinner. If anyone wants to find out more about C.A.B. visit my website here.
All Series6th May 2006

4Joseph Tierney
Scarborough, Australia
Awesome show. I'd love to see it again!
Not specified

3June Gilbank
Surrey, UK
I would love to buy CAB on DVD!
Not specified

2Paul Allum
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Please release all of it - would be great to see!
All Series

1Robert Fairbanks
Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, UK
Please bring the complete Series 1-3 of CAB out on dvd.
All Series1st May 2006