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These are some of the memories (and comments) that people have of the show. I found some of these while searching for info for the website so I thought it would be good to share them with you. I've found several more posts on various forums, message boards and blogs since starting the website so there are many people out there who do remember the programme. Minor amendments may have been made to some posts to correct improper language or spelling mistakes.

Some of these posts date back to 2001 and there have been posts almost every year since, so it is about time that there is a website now dedicated to this programme!

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Memories From The Fans

NEW! From: Giant In The Playground Forum
Name: Wardog
Date: 07-07-2012, 01:16 PM
Can anyone ID this TV series?

I'm trying to remember the name of an old TV series I used to watch as a kid.

It was a live-action show on British TV in the '80s (I can't remember if it was BBC or ITV).

It was set mainly in (I think) an antique shop, or possibly a museum, and involved the characters dealing with various magical Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Apart from that I can't remamber much about it, but I think it ran for at least two seasons.

Name: Senator Cybus
Date: 07-08-2012, 05:52 PM

Fear the power of my Google-Fu!

Name: Wardog
Date: 07-10-2012, 02:33 PM

Ah yes, that's it. Thanks.

The cat statue with the glowing eyes clinches it.

From: Forum
Name: Markjuk
Date: 07-07-2010, 20:07
Anyone else remember this Children's ITV series from the 80's?

Anyone else remember this Children's ITV series from 1986-1989.....

From: Forum
Name: CareBear
Date: Jun 27th, 2010 at 3:16pm
T-Bag Dvd at long last!!

I'm in shock but i've just seen that T-Bag the first series is set for release 8th November 2010!

Never thought i'd see the day, gives you hope that all those other gems will finally get released.

Name: Danforth
Date: Jun 28th, 2010 at 11:47am

Wow, that's a big surprise. I never much cared for it back in the day - I saw it (rightly or wrongly) as a girl's programme - but looking back I can appreciate its place in kids TV history (Also I am a story-arc geek and liked the way they finally destroyed the original T-Bag about four series in!)

This gives me renewed hope for a release of C.A.B., which in some respects was the boy's version of T-Bag...

Name: High-T
Date: Jul 25th, 2010 at 10:28am

I'm so pleased that T-Bag is finally being released on DVD, I've pre-ordered my copy from HMV (only £7.99 - an absolute bargain), many other online retailers also have the DVD available for pre-order at similar prices. I hope it is a big success and sells extremely well as I would love to have all the series (and Christmas specials) on DVD. Anyone else pre-ordered yet?

I'd also love to have C.A.B available on DVD too. C.A.B is an under-rated gem of 80's children's TV and goes largely unremembered by the masses, a DVD release would remedy this of course. Please Fremantle/Revelation Films - how about a DVD release for C.A.B? Thinking about it C.A.B was much more a 'boy' programme and perfectly complimented the T-Bag series.

If anyone wants to find out more about C.A.B check out The C.A.B. H.Q. Website and sign the DVD release petition whilst you're there.

November is only mere months away...

From: Forum (translated from Hebrew)
Name: Employees
Date: 29-05-2010, 03:59
Series Search

I'm looking for an educational broadcast series, I think, one of the holidays, every day sometime in the late eighties or early nineties.

English-speaking series, the story deals with stress, have two children hiding in the house, and something mysterious about the mother. Might have been a spy, or a similar role.

At the end of the prologue has a picture of a statue of a cat - his eyes suddenly lit up from within.

I have a top secret agent name, but not sure it's name.

If you ring a bell to someone, I'd love to hear!


Name: highwave
Date: 29-05-2010, 09:55

Mie secret agent to (CAB) - the unofficial site of the series is here.

Name: admin
Date: Friday 8 January 2010
Does anyone remember a kids TV show from CITV possibly late 80ís?

Can't remember too much about it but it was set in some sort of antique/junk shop which kids were working/having adventures in.

All I remember is the clock on the wall, the hands of the clock would go backwards as if in time and the kids would be in another adventure.

Can anyone remember?

Name: Lauren
Date: January 8, 2010 @ 11:58 am

Iím a 90ís kid but I vaguely remember something with the clock hands turning back not sure what it was though sorry!

Name: Jamie
Date: January 9, 2011 @ 6:21 am

I think you are thinking of the Childrenís ITV series ĎC.A.Bí broadcast between 1986 and 1989. The series was produced by Thames Television, the same company behind the T-Bag series.

The series focused on two children, Colin Freshwater and Franny Barnes, and their adventures in a junk shop that used to be a Citizenís Advice Bureau, Colin believes himself to be a secret agent and uses the codename secret agent C.A.B (where the series gets itís name from). Series Two and Three feature a different shop from the first series (The Wooden Kamel) and in the back room there is a clock where the hands must be turned backwards to unlock the doors.

Check out my website for more information, images and some video clips (including the clock).

Unfortunately the series is not available on DVD but there is a petition on my website for a DVD release, please sign it.

From: - The C.A.B. HQ Reviews
Name: EliasP
Date: Feb 19th, 2009
The C.A.B. HQ Website

The Web site for one of the best ever kids TV shows.

From: Forum
Name: Jack442
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 1:40 pm
Childrens Drama/1980s/UK/Antique Shop

Hi there!

I'm trying to remember an old childrens tv drama that was on after school in the UK in the eighties. Can anyone help? It's been driving me mad for years but I've just come across this site so hopefully relief wont be too far away! Here's what I can remember, but it's not much:

It was definitely on Childrens ITV, not BBC

It was centered around two children (a girl and a boy) who would look after a mysterious antiques shop owned by an old man. This old man would disappear for one reason or another in the first show leaving the two children to look after the shop whilst he was gone (I think it might have been something as simple as him going on holiday as opposed to a dramatic development).

Of course when he'd left all kinds of weird things would happen related to magical items in the shop and I seem to remember a portal or something allowing things from another world/dimension through. The children would usually resolve the situation by the final episode in which the old man would return.

There was definitely an Eygptian theme to the show and it was quite a sinister drama (from what I remember). I also remember an image of a black, ebony siamese cat!

It must have been shown before 1987 as I moved house in this year but I can only remember watching it in the old one.

I think there were two series made.

Possibly done by the same people who did the T-Bag/T-Shirt shows as it had a similar feel (though no comedy, it was actually quite scary).

Can anyone help? Not much to go on, I know.

Name: ekidd79
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 11:15 pm

C.A.B was a British Children's comedy drama series produced by Thames Television for Childrens ITV. The programme focused on a group of kids who set up their own agency in an old junk shop to investigate strange happenings. C.A.B ran for 3 series (with a total of 33 episodes) between 1986 and 1989 in the UK.

More info at:

From: Overclockers Forums UK
Name: MookJong
Date: 11th Jun 2008, 03:13 PM
scary childrens tv shows

C.A.B. (bet nobody remembers this)
Century Falls
The Watchtower
The Box of Delights
Look and Read - The Boy from Outer space

TV to **** you right up.....

You had to be made of strong stuff to watch TV in the 80's

From: Yahoo! Answers
Name: vasquez109
Date: March 2008
Does anyone remember a kids TV show from CITV possibly late 80's?

Can't remember too much about it but it was set in some sort of antique/junk shop which kids were working/having adventures in.

All I remember is the clock on the wall, the hands of the clock would go backwards as if in time and the kids would be in another adventure.

Can anyone remember?

Name: laurenzo

I'm a 90's kid but I vaguely remember something with the clock hands turning back not sure what it was though sorry!

Name: vasquez109

I like the sound of it! But not what i remembered. I've found out from another source that the show in question was called C.A.B.

From: Digital Spy Forums
Name: spaintv
Date: 23-12-2007, 21:30
Kids TV you'd wish they'd repeat....

Worzel Gummidge
Mr Majeeka
The Henderson kids
The Famous Five (original 70s series)
Emu's World

From: Yahoo! Answers
Name: Jude
Date: August 2007
Does anyone remember an old kid's tv program, probably late 80's on BBC??? Think it was about Egypt?

I remember this really cool program, think it was BBC, late 80's early 90's for kids, I just seem to remember these kids in a secret office and on the door/window of the office was a stick for camel cigarettes, or just a similar looking camel. I seem to remember the words CAB being in the program!!

Name: Steven l

Hell yeah, that is what it was called too CAB, i loved that show

Name: Jude (question asker)

Thank god someone else remembers this show!!! I thought I had gone insane, well, more than usual!! I had a look on the net and it was called CAB (well done us!!) and there is even a kinda fan page for it, check it out!!!

From: Forum
Name: lostboy87
Date: 06/07/07 at 22:17:56
Wanted C.A.B series 2 complete

Anyone have this? Cheers

From: Forum
Name: Emilylovedhim
Date: 23rd February 2007 at 15:45:09
Egyptian artifact, antique/junk shop???

Anyway, the programme I'm trying to remember was on kids tv (ITV I think) in the late 80's/early 90's and it was set in and around a sort of antique/junk shop I think, and there was an Egyptian guy who ran the place I believe. Several people were trying to get hold of an ancient artifact which had mystical powers (again Egyptian I think) and there were a couple of kids involved as well if memory serves??? It had quite a sinister feel to it.

Not much to go on I grant you but it's all I can remember I'm afraid.

From: Brit Movie Forum
Name: Roy Galloway
Date: 10-12-2006, 04:14 PM
1980's Childrens drama series CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Anybody remember CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) which was a similar type of programme to T-Bag because this was also set in a junk shop as well. There were strange happenings and can you picture those Egyptian blue stones, very frightening.

I would love to see this available on dvd. Who else was a fan of CAB?

Name: Overdriver
Date: 27-02-2007, 09:58 PM

I remember that show. I can't recall any specific details (in fact I couldn't even remember the premise until I read this thread) but I seem to remember enjoying it.

From: Forum
Name: o town
Date: 11/25/06 at 16:46:01
Looking for C.A.B

hi everyone, im new to this site so plz bear with me.

Im looking for
Any of the 3 series of C.A.B (my bro was petrified of this program when we were young, so i want to scare him for xmas)

From: Paul's Journal
Date: 17 October 2006 @ 09:15 pm
C.A.B. found

Over the years I've looked up C.A.B. in the search engines many times and found very very little. I watched the show as a kid and loved it but found it got very little online love.

I was about the same age as Colin and thought he was a cool hero. Didn't much like the little brother though. I remembered the show only having two series so was suprised that it was actually three. Particular parts of the story have always stuck with me, the clock locking door, the footsteps upstairs, the would be royals...

... but it's fantastic to see someone has put together a C.A.B. fan website full of images and some clips from the show. My memories were all a bit vague but it all looks so familar now. I would love to see this on DVD or at least repeated on TV.

From: Jedi's Paradise Forum
Name: Jan
Date: Sep 14 2006, 07:34 PM

I have happy memories of some great children's TV shows that were shown mid-late 80s/early90s. They certainly don't make them like they used to. Children's TV today seems totally disappointing and trashy compared to the quality programmes that seemed to be around when I was a child. I would still happily watch many of the programmes from those days again if they were to re-show them!

Does anyone else remember the likes of:

Dogtanian; Bananman; Superted; Jimbo; Family Ness; Count Ducula; Henry's Cat; Chucklehounds (before Chucklevision); Raggydolls; Bertha; Mr Benn; Puddle Lane

What about: Simon and The Witch; Alfonso Bonzo; Pinny's House; Ragdolly Anna; He-Man; She-Ra; T-Bag ... and C.A.B (spooky!)

From: Brit Movie Forum
Name: highlander716
Date: 08-08-2006, 07:56 PM
Just William, Time Raders, C.A.B.

Hi ,
Can anyone help ?
Looking for three tv shows , they are all children's tv .
C.A.B by Thames Television for itv, ran for 3 series (33 episodes) 1986-1989
Thanks to all in advance for the help.

From: Forum
Name: dannydarcoo
Date: Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:02 pm

Hi all, I was on here about a year ago asking if any one else knew about a TV show in the mid 80's based on 2 kids working in an egyptian themed bric a brac shop as kind of detectives it was very scary!! I am sure it was called C.A.B? The shop was called the wooden camel in the 2nd series. Any way some people also remembered it and I have since been trying to find out if I can get some footage or copy of it some where as I still have nightmares and need to resolve them!! lol any help appreciated!!!

From: Jedi's Paradise Forum
Name: MrsGoggins
Date: Jul 4 2006, 01:05 AM
CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), Childrens drama series similar to T-Bag

Does anybody remember the childrens drama series CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) which was a similar kind of programme to T-Bag because it was also set in a junk shop. There were strange happenings in CAB and can you picture them Eygptian blue stones.

There is now a website dedicated to this classic childrens drama series created by Jamie Hall.

From: Forum
Name: Fat Tulips Garden
Date: Sun May 21, 2006 8:39 pm

Who remembers the drama series CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)?

Anybody remember the childrens drama series CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) which was a similar type of programme to T-Bag because this was also set in a junk shop as well. There were strange happenings and can you picture those Egyptian blue stones, very frightening.

Name: Orbling
Date: Tue May 23, 2006 12:01 am

Glad there's a website about that show now.

We had someone else here asking about it ages ago and could never find anything at all about it. Totally lost to time, the fact that there is something now can only be positive towards it being reshown.

From: Forums
Who can remember CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Name: Fireman Sam
Date: 8th May 2006 at 20:25:42

Anybody remember the childrens drama series CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) which was a similar type of programme to T-Bag because this was also set in a junk shop as well. There were strange happenings and can you picture those Egyption blue stones, very frightening.

I would love to see this available on dvd to buy. Who else was a fan of CAB?

Name: Danforth
Date: 11th May 2006 at 11:55:14

CAB was awesome

CITV ran a strand called Dramarama, which had various one-shot plays and stories and things. CAB was one of them - but it went down well enough to be commissioned as a series. Lots of Egyptian imagery in the title sequence, and the first series at least was set in and around a junk/curiosity shop which turned out to have a massive secret compartment accessible through a wardrobe. I always preferred it to T-Bag, which used to annoy me.

I could type more, but here's a link to a fansite instead!

Don't know how good the site is as I've only just dug it up myself...

Good to know other people remember CAB fondly.

From: The T-Bag Forum
Name: Rainman
Date: Apr 28, 2006, 9:35pm
Anyone remember C.A.B. (Citizenís Advice Bureau)?

Oh yeah I remember this, a suspicious guy called Mr. Hellman kept turning up and none of the kids really trusted him. The owner of the shop called Martha gave the main character Colin a mini tape recorder and he got it in his head that he was a secret Agent, he used CAB as his code name. Forgot what that stands for by the way.

From: Do You Forums
Need Help: eerie kids show late 80s/early 90s
Name: JoeT
Date: Monday 3rd April 2006

Hey people,

This ones been bugging me for a while now, hopefully someone can help me out.

There was a show on afternoons after school back in the late 80s/early 90's. It was about a small group of kids who went to an antique store after school. There there was a small mysterious stone statue of a lion standing upright (maybe bout a foot tall), I think it may have had a crown on it's head. It had blue diamond stones for eyes. I remember the statue featured in the start/end credits. The kids started finding out more about the statue, unlocking secrets about it and the antique store. I think once they used it to unlock a secret room, which MAY have had another lion statue in it, possibly with different coloured eyes. I'm struggling to remember.

This show used to freak the hell out of me and I couldn't stop watching it. Target audience was probably older kids. It was on ABC in Australia. It was English, maybe from the BBC?

Any help appreciated

From: M.I.K.
Date: Tuesday 4th April 2006

I think it's "C.A.B". I never really watched this much and only vaguely remember it, but I recognised it from your description. It was originally shown on ITV in Britain.

From: C.A.B. message board
CAB - Anyone have images?
Name: imdb-12443
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 18:43:28

I'm trying to find images from this TV show to verify it was the one I was in love with as a kid.

From: Digital Spy Forums
Name: Cinderflare
Date: 28-08-2005, 18:24
Calling all children of the '80s...

Does anyone remember a programme that was on in the 80s I think. It was on before wind in the willows on CITV, and it was about this weird shop, strange things were happening. There were these children as well, and this spooky stone egyptian cat with blue eyes.

At the end of one episode it showed the cat I think and this astronaut costume, not sure if anyone was in it!! Someone suggested to me that this could be called "CAB" but im not 100% sure.

Name: Crowby1
Date: 29-08-2005, 09:44

CAB was definately the title, I remember it well.

From: Digital Spy Forums
Name: spaintv
Date: 13-08-2005, 21:55
Programmes you'd love to see on dvd

A few more shows that Id love to rewatch on DVD:
Simon in the land of Chalk drawings;
Adventures on Kythera;
Me and My girl;
The Storyteller;
French Fields;
The Box of Delights;
Look and Read classics-Fairground; Badgergirl; Dark Towers; and Boy from Space;
The Littlest hobo;
My 2 dads;
The Wonder Years;

From: Digital Spy Forums
Name: spaintv
Date: 05-08-2005, 17:11
Help! Anyone remember?

Hi people,

For ages I've been trying to find out more about a show that I saw as a kid. I remember it was called CAB and was set in a junk shop. It was a mystery type show. All I remember clearly was the last episode, with the protagonist being in the junk shop, having retrieved something he was looking for, and the baddie standing outside, opening the door, moments away from catching him. It ended there - that was the last scene I saw. Anyone remember more of this show???

From: Kids TV Q&A Forums
Name: marky G
Date: Jun 28, 2005, 11:16am
CITV show based around the Queen's beasts.


Right, this has been bugging me for YEARS...

There was a show on CITV, probably late 80s / early 90s...

I can only remember that I saw the second or third series of it, and it was set in an antiques shop, or something similar... There was a crown stuck around the neck of one of the Queen's Beasts, like a Griffin or something like that... The good gang were kids, and wanted to get the crown, but there was a bad lady called Elanor, who also wanted to get it...

Like, I say, there was an earlier series, which was presumably based around something else. I never saw it, but I remember that one of the girls in it was called Fanny, which I found really funny when someone told me (immature I know, but I was, like, 10...

Can anyone help... sOrry I've not got much more information...

Thanks in advance...

Name: Danforth
Date: Jul 11, 2005, 7:24am

By any chance, was Fanny's nickname 'the Brill'? When she stole the wannabe-detective male lead's dictaphone to add her own observations and clues?

Must have been C.A.B. then I don't remember a great deal about it, but each series featured some kind of mystery for the kids to solve. I remember an antiques shop with a big immovable old wardrobe against one wall which led to a secret room, some kind of spy thing IIRC.

Oh and the theme music was vaguely Egyptian.


Name: Si
Date: Dec 18, 2005, 3:08pm

It was called C.A.B as the antiques shop was in a building that used to be a Citizen's Advice Bureau. I used to love the show and wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Name: Flump
Date: Dec 23, 2005, 2:55pm

I remember CAB, I even asked if anyone had seen it ever back in September 04 would you believe. I've been trying to find info on this for years, I'm glad someone else remembers it.

From: Forum
Name: Thomas
Date: Sat Jun 25, 2005 8:15 pm
Cats with glowing eyes and a cat on a hanging door sign...

That's all I remember about a show which has been driving me insane for years and years. It was a kids TV show in the 80's and it features what I am almost positive was an Egyptian cat statue and its eyes would glow red. I think it was in a shop and there was an old fashioned sign hanging outside above the door, the kind you find outside pubs and on that sign was another black Egyptian cat painted on it. I can't remember anything else about it.

From: Forum
Name: dannydarcoo
Date: Sun Jun 19, 2005 12:24 pm
Any HELP??

In the late 80's I watched and ITV programme which I am convinced was called C.A.B. It was a boy and a girl who were working in a creepy, egyption themed bric a brac shop. There was something in the shop that people were trying to get. The kids had to put clues together and it was very scary.
To my recollection there were 3 series, the 2nd of which the shop had the name 'the wooden camel'.
This all could be in my mind and in all my years I have yet to find anyone that knows of it.

I want to know how to get it on video to see why I loved it so much!!
Any help?

From: Forums
Requests for more program info
Name: Ian
Date: 05/20/05 at 15:28:46

I'm starting to get emails from the main site, probably because there are now so many programs listed (thanks!) and it is hitting the search-engines bigtime. Anyway heres the latest requests should anyone know anything:

C.A.B kids adventure series (uk, 1980's)

From: The Old T-Room Message Board
Posted on May 19, 2005 at 07:43:32 PM by Fred

Does anyone perchance remember this series? Revolved around an old Citizens Advice Bureau that had been closed down. Remember there was something about Egyptian blue stones.

I know there were a couple of series of this.

This is a series I would love to see again but I just can't find any details of it on the internet anywhere.

From: Digital Spy Forums
CiTV Memories!
Name: Markjuk
Date: 16-04-2005, 23:06

Anyone remember these:

- Emu & The Pink Windmill
- Splash
- C.A.B (Think there were three series)
- Funhouse

From: Digital Spy Forums
CiTV Memories! C.A.B.
Name: the_jps
Date: 30-04-2005, 11:13

C.A.B. has only been mentioned once in this thread. I used to love that; really dark and quite spooky. Colin and Franny, and a drawer with a false bottom used to hide a magical jewel. I have a very short clip at the end of an old video.

From: Kids TV Message Boards
Whats the name?
Name: Flump
Date: Sept 16, 2004, 4:55pm

I'm no longer sure this is real as I've only met one person who's heard of it. It's about to kids that go into a CAB (Citizens advice bureau) run by an Egyptian man then the go through a sarcophagus in the back to some other place and time and solve a mystery in the titles a loud voice went C.A.B?? Not much to go on but its been a while.

Name: DanForth
Date: Jan 6, 2005, 10:08am

Hmmm. It rings a vague bell... I definitely remember a show called C.A.B., a children's drama with comedy elements. There was some kind of old shop involved, run by an old guy. The young male lead character fancied himself as an amateur private investigator, delivering plot-summarising monologues to his dictaphone.

The shop had an old cabinet against one wall. There was no key for it. Then the kids and/or the owner noticed the room directly below the shop was a few weet wider than the shop floor itself... the cabinet was actually a door to a secret room in the house...

I'd assume we were on about similarly titled but different programmes, were it not for the fact that C.A.B.'s title sequence and music were very Egyptian-influenced and stuck in my head. So maybe I've just forgotten the time-travel element (I was going through my 'wanting to be a secret agent when I grew up' phase at the time of transmission, and would probably have been disdainful of these flights of unreality )

The show was originally a one-off episode of Dramarama before getting a series of its own.

Hope some of that helped!


Name: Flump
Date: Apr 18, 2007, 4:18pm

After all these years I've found a web site for this. It was called C.A.B and was on in 1986. Have a look
Anyone else remember??

From: Chris Morris Archive - Comedy Forums
Name: Rev
Date: February 19, 2004, 11:39:43 pm
Childrens' TV Drama

Anyone remember a mid-eighties CITV effort called - get this - C.A.B.? All I can remember is that I thought it was ace at the time, but very little about the plot springs to mind. Something about a couple of kids messing around in their uncle's junk shop (or something), some Egyptian schtick, and surveillance cameras hidden in statues. Possibly.

From: Digital Spy Forum
New Channel Suggestion - Nostalgia children's show channel
Name: spaintv
Date: 02-08-2004, 22:14

Hey guys,

everyone in this forum seems to be very keen to be able to watch tv shows from their childhood days, many of which have been off air for ages, and others never repeated.

I am sure that launching a tv channel which would show all these would be very popular. What do you all think?

Post the kids shows from your childhood that you would like to see again. Who knows, someone might pay attention!

Here's mine:
The Famous 5
Dungeons and Dragons
Once upon a time (the human body, space, etc)
The Munsters (original series)
Out of this world
T Bag
Mysterious cities of gold
Children's Island
Robin of Sherwood
William Tell
Press Gang

From: Forums
1980s kids show called CAB
Name: cab_fan
Date: 03/28/04 at 22:30:42

It dawned on me today a weird kid's show I watched that was made in England called CAB (as in Citizens Advice Bureau). I remember at least 3 seasons and it was set in an old CAB shop and had some sort of mystery with weird Eqyptian stuff...some cat statue that had glowing eyes. My memory is vague and IMDB has no listing for it and I found one website on google where someone asks the same question, but nothing else comes up.

Some awful old lady was on holidays or something and this kid was minding the store. something like that.

I've tried hunting on google under 1980s childrens tv shows...nada. Does anyone remember this show? Can they tell me what happened in the show in the end and maybe point me to a website with this information?

Much appreciated!

Name: Midland_Star
Date: 04/06/04 at 16:11:45

Yes I remember one series of this show which involved two children and some Eygptian artefact I think.

Have found some details on memorable tv web site.

From: Digital Spy Forums
Can anyone name this old CITV show??
Name: Chparmar
Date: 01-12-2003, 02:38

Can anyone help me remember this old kidís show on ITV?

Unfortunately, I only remember a few vague things about it!

It was about this boy..... I think; who went to this mysterious shop. A toy shop...???
Oh, one unique memory remains: there were references of a "kamel"; spelt with a "K" ... (!)

That's all I recall. Surely some forum members will remember it...????

Name: pac
Date: 01-12-2003, 12:56

It was an antiques shop but think that may have changed every year. Had some egyptain theme if I remember correctly.

Name: Chparmar
Date: 01-12-2003, 13:38

There was a girl and a boy in it. They were trying to figure out in the antique shop the mystery of a certain "Kamel". It was shot in a way to be very suspenseful. A very Egyptian feel to the mystery and music.

Can't remember who ran the shop; and I think the shop was most of the time vacant; expect for these two kids ďlockedĒ into it?? Ö.. I also remember something mysterious going on upstairs and they had to solve a Kamel puzzle to get there or something Ö. ?

Itís amazing that the only thing I am sure of is that: Kamel was spelt with a ďKĒ NOT a ďCĒ.

Name: DelArFon
Date: 01-12-2003, 13:55

Could it be this one, by any chance?

Drama about young investigators looking into strange events at a local junk shop."

Name: Chparmar
Date: 01-12-2003, 14:22

Yes, that's it!!

The timeline makes sense as well. I started watching CITV at around 1989 mark; and so I only saw the third series of the show.

Hence, the Wooden Kamel reference! Good job I remembered that.

So the show's called "C.A.B", huh?
I wouldn't have even guessed that! Thank You.

From: Forums
Name: kjwaldron
Date: 16th August 2002, 18:33:25

Does anyone remember a childrens ITV programme called C.A.B. There was a girl and a boy who would go into an antiques shop and solve the mystery behind an old object. Me and my sister loved this programme but noone remembers it. I'm beginning to think we imagined our favorite childhood telly.

Name: Tocks
Date: 08/17/02 at 18:20:33

I do remember this programme but couldn't tell you anything about it. Sorry!!

Name: shadowchaser
Date: 06/11/03 at 22:36:16

Yes Yes Yes .......... at last, someone else remembers this one!!!!!
I believe Charlie Creed-Miles was in this. It was all about puzzle solving and got you to use your noggin (which is probably why it didn't last long!) wasn't there an old woman who owned the C.A.B. store?!
Gosh, so many memories......

From: The Watched It forum
Date: Monday 18th February 2002, 14:39:24

Comments: PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE..... Does anyone remember C.A.B. on CITV around 1990-92 it definitely ran for more than 1 series? It basically centred around an old shop full of Egyptian artefacts. As to the story line I really canít remember although I know it was scary. Knightmare and C.A.B. were probably my favourite programs at the time (I was 10 or 11).....Iím sure they are responsible for my warped mind....thankyou CITV.

From: The Watched It forum
Name: Envy
Date: Thursday 13th September 2001, 01:16:50

Comments: Re: C.A.B. - In contrast to the many who don't, I'm proud to say I most definitely DO remember this wonderful program! As I recall, the main action centered around a boy and his two friends (1 male and 1 female - the male possibly being his brother) who formed a 'detective agency'. The 'C.A.B.' of the title refers either to the name of this 'detective agency' or to a password used therein, I'm not quite sure. Many an odd sequence of events took place in a shop owned by the typical snivelling old shopkeeper-type character, which doubled up as the centre of a conspiracy to bring back to life Queen Elizabeth I (feel free to correct me if I've got the wrong queen - I think I'm right!). Said conspiracy was the brainchild of a menacing bloke who rode a motorbike and for some reason (in my memories at least) reminds me of Sean Bean... The shopkeepeer was in on the plot as Queen Liz had promised him wealth/power (delete as appropriate) and it was up to the C.A.B. team to foil the plan and probably save England from the tyrannical reign of the resurrected queen. Anyway, I don't remember much else except that the shopkeeper owned a phone which when not in use could be disguised as an innocent can of Pepsi (how cool is that??!!) and also had a secret area upstairs which could only be accessed by turning the hands of the clock in the back of the shop. If this inspires anyone to remember any more about this or any other 'strange and scary' children's progs then please post those memories here or feel free to e-mail me at

From: The Watched It forum
Name: C.A.B MaN
Date: Monday 3rd September 2001, 13:48:35

Comments: I used to love CAB and can remember always looking forward to getting home from school to watch it, but I dont remember any of my friends watching it? The only problem is that for some reason i have very little recolection of the program. Very weird as I have a good recollection of Knightmare and other programs from around that time. I definetly remember the program running for more than one series.....come on someone must be able to give us some info.

From: The Watched It forum
Name: Miasma
Date: Sunday 2nd September 2001, 23:36:56

Comments: A little while ago, someone mentioned C.A.B., one of those deeply bizarre shows which somehow snuck into children's TV schedules in the late 80s. I had completely forgotten about it, but suddenly remember patches of the thing, mainly the Egyptian scupltures and so on. Does anyone have any memory as to what this programme was about??

From: The Watched It forum
Name: Grant
Date: Wednesday 29th August 2001, 21:29:52

Comments: Right, I am looking to start a website about kids TV programs that scared you as a child. (I know it sounds crazy but I think it could be really good) Who remembers the following strange and scary programs: The Watch Tower (BBC) The Sundial (BBC) C.A.B. (ITV) I really need info on this program Chocky (ITV) Eye of the storm (ITV) The Box os delights (BBC) Toms midnight garden (BBC)

From: The Watched It forum
Name: Jon
Date: Wednesday 25th July 2001, 02:12:23

Comments: Things that are missing from the Watched it site that should be there: 3) C.A.B (Can anyone remember this? It was a very odd programme about a group of kids that were looking after a shop for someone, there where egyptian cats with glowing eyes and a man upstairs listening in on everything) If you remember this please comment on this board.

NEW! From: The Old T-Room message board
Name: The JPS
Date: May 30, 2001 at 18:44:38

Comments: Hi all,

I've noticed a few posts asking about other shows and I was wondering if I could see if anyone remembers an CITV show called CAB. It was around the time of T-Bag, and was about two teenagers named Colin and Fanny. Can't remember the exact plot, only that it had an Ancient Egypt tone to it, was quite spooky, and was set in an antique shop. Oh, and there was a jewel in a desk with a fake bottom.

Even the Theme Team can't remember it. Can anyone here, if only to prove I didn't dream it.


Name: Gerb
Date: June 01, 2001 at 05:37:17

No, you didn't dream it. It was a real series, and I think it ran for three (or more?) seasons. I didn't really get into the first two, but I remember bits of the first one.

As far as I remember, the kids in the show were pretending to be secret agents and used to report into a dictaphone at the beginning of each episode and give an account of "The Story So Far". They used to have all kinds of adventures associated with the antique shop run by Mr. Hellman, where some power crazed criminal genius would attempt to take over the world (does this sound familiar?).

In the first series, there was this idol of an Egyptian cat in the antique shop. The eyes were missing. The eyes were big blue gems that had magical powers and there was this chap called Omar (who could have been the baddy, but I can't remember), who at one point was using one of the gems to do magic. I just remember it glowing brightly in his hand.

The third series, on the other hand, I remember more clearly. It was again centred around the antique shop, but this time, some mad woman called Eleanor with her sidekick, some dozy man, thought that she was the rightful Queen of England. She was intent on bringing back the good old days of torture and death penalties for stealing apples, etc. There was a legend surrounding a crowned lion at Hampton Court which said that the true Queen would be able to remove the crown. I may be wrong, but I think that the series focused around the clues to finding out which the correct crowned beast was of all the beasts of Hampton Court (it turned out to be a lion). The kids, along with the protector of the beast (some SAS type called Mr. Vine - no relation - who had to prevent her taking the crown of because the beast would "shatter into a thousand pieces") had to throw Eleanor off the trail.

She got the beast in the end, but couldn't get the crown off. Instead, she got turned into a wrinkly old woman and her sidekick was electrocuted by the beast. All good, clean fun!

So unless we had the same dream, I think the series did exist after all!

Hope this helps!

Name: The JPS
Date: June 04, 2001 at 12:35:17

Cheers for that. At last, someone else who remembers it.