The Fans e-Mails

These are some comments from fans who have e-mailed me. Please e-mail us with any comments about the website or C.A.B using the contact us link above. It's great to receive e-mails from those who watched the programme saying that the website has helped them remember the programme even more. The comments have all been fantastic - keep the e-mails coming!

The memories marked with NEW! are the new memories that have been added in the last update.

The Fan's e-Mails

NEW! From: Rob Keeley
Date: 15th July 2011

I certainly do remember C.A.B., with the Wooden Camel, and especially the final series with the King's/Queen's Beast statue (if my memory serves). I always thought it was so cool the kids had pocket radios to communicate (never dreaming of mobiles...).

From: Victoria
Date: November 2008

Hi there,

I am from New Zealand, and C.A.B showed here commencing late February 1987, on Monday afternoons to be precise! I was a huge fan and watched it religiously, so thank you very much for your site which is just fantastic.

Hopefully the DVD is not too far away,

Kind regards,


From: Agent Six
Date: June 2008

Hi there

Like your site, you must have alot of time on your hands:) as must I to be looking for such a lost series 20 years later :)

I remember watching this program in Australia in the summer of 88 or 89, I have never seen or heard of it since. I remember enjoying it a lot. I would love to see it again.

keep up the good work.

Best regards


From: Daniel
Date: May 2008

When I was a kid, I remember a really scary TV show called "The Queen's Beast" set on or around a narrowboat on a canal running through urbanwasteland. The title sequence had lots of shots of what was some sort of junk shop or antique shop, and the only memorable part was of a toy train running around a track. This would have been CiTV somewhere around the mid to late 80s, but no suchshow exists. My only guess is that I am extremely mis-remembering C.A.B.season three. There's no mention of a narrowboat, and no video clips of the title sequence, but I can't find any other reference to any other show.

Several programmes scared me as a kid, including The Queen's Beast and Children of the Dog Star, which *is* a known programme from New Zealand about aliens on earth and some contraption called the "Brass Daisy".

From: Alex
Date: May 2008


I used to watch this show back when i was about 5 or 6. It really used to scare me I seem to remember (something about that Egyptian theme and the bongo drum sound). Anyway I resigned myself to never seeing anything about it ever again until I found your website! Amazing, all the memories come flooding back!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


From: Brad
Date: September 2007

Great to hear from you. The new web site is just fantastic! You must have worked so hard on it.

I especially love the audio clips the Biggest Burger Disco In The Desert!! And Mr Hellman snapping at Colin, "Stop asking why!"

The cuttings are also great. Where on earth did you find them all? A couple of those colour shots are really cool especially the one of Hellman under the umbrella.

I had no idea that little Jo was in the Honeyz! What a nugget of trivia that is! I wonder if she includes C.A.B. on her CV?

On your FAQ page you were wondering when the show was broadcast in Oz. I don't know exact dates but if you go by the continuity announcer at the end of the episodes he introduces a video clip of a latest hit single. One of them is Sam Fox's 'I Only Wanna Be With You' which was released early 1989. This may have even been a repeat broadcast because I do remember seeing the show twice on Channel 10 - I watched it the first time around and then taped it the second. Also it was paired up with 'Double Dare' and that was a definate late 80's product - it didn't even last into the 90's. But all of these are of course just my very vague memories!!

Anyway, well done and congrats on a fab new web site. With all the interest you're generating on other web pages and forums there's bound to be a DVD release eventually.

All the best, oh and happy anniversary!! (21 years, oh my gawd I feel old!)


From: Harry
Date: September 2007


I just thought I'd drop you a message to say thanks so much for posting the C.A.B and T-Bag clips, they are great and remind me of my childhood. I always loved these series as a kid and it was a pleasure to see them again, C.A.B in particular. I've never met anyone else who remembers C.A.B. Do you know if they are out on DVD/Video?

Best regards


From: Ben
Date: September 2006

Hi guys, I've had a great time reading through your website about C.A.B. and I'm really glad there's a site dedicated to such a brilliant show.

I only remember CAB 3 from when it was on CITV, and from all your descriptions I see that I totally misinterpreted the series as a kid - I completely missed the "comedy" aspects of it, and the fantasy stuff must have gone straight over my head, as I just remember it as a brilliant kids detective show with really atmospheric images & music. That title shot of the Queen's Beast on the boat on your homepage is amazing.

But as a mystery show (as I thought it was!) I absolutely loved it, and it was such a huge influence on all the 'detective' adventure games we used to play around my street. We didn't actually start dictaphoning everything, but we did leave a tape recorder outside one night hidden in the grass to try & overhear a secret meeting we thought might be happening!!

I never videoed CAB 3 when it was on TV (much to my regret) but I had kept an audio cassette recording of the end of an episode from when I used to tape all my favourite theme tunes. So for years all I've had to remember the show by was Hellman going "don't give it to me, it might be a bomb!" the dictaphone bit & the theme music. Of course thanks to you I now know that was the end of episode 2.

So anyway I just wanted to email to say thanks for your excellent coverage of the show, which brings back a lot of memories. And also because, about 5 years ago I ran the KTVAUK website that you so kindly mention. I never quite got a complete guide to CAB on there (there were a couple of episode titles & descriptions missing because those weeks' issues of the TV Times were missing from the library) but I managed to find the missing titles a while later, after Yahoo had deleted the KTVAUK site, and reposted it on a forum somewhere, Sausagenet I think, in response to a memory about the show. I wonder if that's the same guide that's cycled back round to you now, certainly I think the episode descriptions you don't have are the same as the TV Timeses I couldn't get. Of course you've massively expanded on all that in such a brilliant way.

From: Robert
Date: August 2006

Thanks for updating your website, much appreciated. I think your new website looks brilliant and it has brought all the memories flooding back. It was definitely this series I was thinking of all along. I had this image in my head and I can remember a character called Nyegel from a childrens drama series and that's all I could remember. I couldn't for the life of me remember the title of the programme, but now I have seen things in a bit more detail everything has been clarified and fits into place.

From: Dan
Date: August 2006

Good to know you're still working on it. I used to love that programme and, yes, I put the entry up on sausagenet. I've added a link to your site, and I would happily borrow some of your pictures too except only 'super admin' users can add pictures and I am a mere admin :)

From: Brad
Date: March 2006

It’s been great to discover your website after a long time searching for something, anything about this wonderful programme.

I live in Sydney, Australia and C.A.B. screened here on Channel Ten around late ’88 and early ’89 if my memory serves me correctly. It was screened in an afternoon slot with other kids’ shows such as Double Dare.

I was captivated by it as a boy and still have fond memories of the show to this day. I have a few odd episodes on video.

I lived and worked in London in ’99-’00 and worked at the Chelsea Flower Show where by pure chance I had the great fortune to meet Joan Hooley! She was very friendly and amicable. As I approached her, she pre-empted my interest by saying “Eastenders?” and I said, “No, C.A.B.!” which surprised her no end. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me at the time as I was working. However, I have a lovely memory of meeting the lady who played my favourite character in the show.

Here’s hoping the series will come out on dvd one day for us to wallow in nostalgia. I was shocked to realise that the first episodes were screened in 1986 – 20 years ago! Now that makes me feel old!

I’ve always wanted to know whereabouts C.A.B. was filmed in London. I would have loved to visit the shop-front when I was living there (if indeed it exists anymore). Do you have any idea?

Anyway, thanks for all the work you’ve done on the site – it’s fantastic! I’ll check back again in anticipation of updates.

From: Fred
Date: February 2006

To be honest everything you have posted on your site seems to cover everything I can remember.

I do remember though in series one the boy had a dictaphone which he would dictate into and it turned out to be a transmitter and that Ma Mossop had been listening to everything he had been dictating in the flat upstairs.

It is one of those shows I would love to watch again but fear until it gets a commercial release will never happen.

From: Jose
Date: January 2006

I'm sure you already have this info - but listing of episodes found online. I'm so IMPRESSED you're working on a site. I loved this show when I was growing up. No one I know remembers it. It only showed on Australian tv a couple of times.

I've been desperately looking for it online for the past couple of years - no such luck! Have you ever come across it?

From: Robert
Date: November 2005

One of the things I most definitely want is the childrens drama series CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) which is a similar type of programme to T-Bag because this was also set in a junk shop as well. What a pity there isn't a website dedicated to CAB like there is T-Bag. I would love to create a website to CAB myself but I am hopeless at this. I wouldn't know the first thing about creating a site like that and I don't know how to put pictures on a website either. I don't suppose you Jamie have any information on CAB do you? Would you be willing to create a website dedicated to this programme if you did have the information and some pictures? Once there is a website available for CAB, I could create another petition for people to consider signing that way we would stand a chance of it been released on dvd. I think the problem with CAB is people are not familiar with the title of the programme itself but if pictures from CAB were available for people to look at, I'm sure all the memories would come flooding back.