Jace's Secret Agent C.A.B updates

We've collected the quotes from series three when Jace records his 'Secret Agent updates' on his dictaphone, these are all below.

Episode One: A Face at the Window

'Secret Agent C.A.B Jace Freshwater reporting. J for Ace, taking over from my brother Colin C.A.B. On watch at the Wooden Kamel, used to be a safe house for a man called Hellman and a lot of other crooks and spies.'

'Secret Agent C.A.B update, is Hellman in the shop? Can Colin help? Why is there a camera in the shop? Who is Robert? What was all that about a postcard? Will report findings ASAP. End of message.'

Episode Two: The Riddle

'Secret Agent C.A.B Update, Hellman's shop is weird, there's something hidden in it under a white sheet and I've found a secret camera hidden there too. Also I followed a man called Robert, kept on about a postcard or something daft.'

'What's in the parcel? Is it a bomb? Has it got anything to do with the Queen's Beast? Who is Robert working for? Secret Agent C.A.B reporting, must investigate further, over and out.'

Episode Three: The Bottle of Hastings

'Secret Agent C.A.B reporting, Hellman is mixed up in something strange. The missing Queen's Beast is in his shop, he said it just appeared. Also a man called Robert has brought a parcel to the shop wrapped up in yellow paper, it's all going to take some sorting out.'

'What does it say on the paper and will we be able to read it with the magnifying glass? What will happen to Mr Hellman if we can't? Is Vine really a plumber? Who is Robert? Did Hellman steal the Queen's Beast? And why do they want him to solve all their riddles and puzzles? And why is Colin behaving so strangely?'

Episode Four: Robert the Brute

'What does it say in the paper? Will the magnifying glass help us to read it? And what about this Lord Hellman bit? Shall we learn any more about that? Over and out.'

'Who's Eleanor? Will Hellman agree to help Robert with the cause and if he doesn't what will happen to him if the Police get involved? What is the meaning of the model and the Henry the eighth document?'

Episode Five: The Chamber Pot Plant

'Secret Agent C.A.B latest situation - have identified the name in Hellman's puzzle as Eleanor of England using the quick brown fox code.'

'Have decoded secret message about location of magic beast, must check with position of solar line and inform control. Someone has overheard us, will report back asap.'

Episode Six: Getting Taped

'Secret Agent C.A.B. Jace Freshwater speaking, my brother Colin has been helping me and the pest, otherwise known as Tracey Barnes, to decode the message about the Queen's Beast. We're also wondering what has happened to Hellman since we all escaped, and then we were interrupted by a mysterious voice in the shadow.'

'Secret Agent C.A.B. someone has grabbed us, we're all in trouble and so's everybody else especially Hellman. And Eleanor wants the seal back. Will report on developments a.s.a.p, over and out.'

Episode Seven: Trapped

‘Secret Agent C.A.B, Help! Someone has grabbed us were all in trouble and so is everybody else especially Hellman, and Eleanor wants the seal back’

‘Secret Agent C.A.B. Help!’

Episode Eight: The Great Escape

‘Secret Agent C.A.B. Help!’

‘Secret Agent C.A.B, just escaped enemy clutches again, thanks to Vine this time. Not sure about next move but we’re going to meet Vine in about an hour, he has some ideas, over and out.’

Episode Nine: Friends or Foes

‘Secret Agent C.A.B. reporting, my brother Colin and Tracy, in brackets the pest Barnes, have escaped with me from Hellman’s shop we’ve been trying to find out more about the magic beast at Hampton Court, the one Eleanor wants. Colin has worked out which one it is. We think Vine works for MI5; he says he has a plan for dealing with Eleanor.’

‘Going to join Colin and the pest, it’s time to meet Mr Vine, out’

Episode Ten: Nicked in Time

‘Jace Freshwater, A.K.A secret agent C.A.B. reporting; have received a message yesterday from Eleanor R asking for the return of the Henry seal so we decided to make a copy of the seal but change the code on it to delay her. That’s the seal and that’s how we copied it. We put the copy with the wrong code on it through the Wooden Kamel cat flap. Eleanor said that if we go to the shop on Sunday Morning, that’s tomorrow, we can have the video she’s got of me borrowing the seal and also the shots of me with the Orb and Sceptre; then she’ll let Vine go as well. We’ve also got the fourth riddle and know what it means’

‘Secret Agent C.A.B at the Wooden Kamel, about to find out if Eleanor is the queen of England or just a pretender, about to stop Vine interfering.’

‘Secret Agent C.A.B final report, the crown of England is safe, the Queen’s Beast is back at the palace and we’ve destroyed all the clues so no-one else may get them and Mr Vine will not get disturbed again.’