Archived News & Updates

This is the page records the updates to the website prior to moving to this new website (these relates to the website updates from cabfanclub, cabspace and prior to that freewebs) (February 2007 - July 2007)

All these updates relate to the previous host of the website from February to July 2007.

July 2007

Added the C.A.B F.A.Q page with many of the answers to the questions you've asked.
Added an extra video clip (from series two) to the video clips page - more clips to be added soon!
Added links to the full sized images to more of the images in the series two galleries - with some more to go!
Added the Fremantle Archive reference numbers to all 33 episode pages.
Added an extra crew member to the crew page (taken from Fremantle Archive Sales page)

June 2007

Today 18 years ago (in 1989) the first episode of series three aired in the UK and to celebrate we've finally added most of the pages from the old website alongside some new updates, these include:
The C.A.B Archive page added with links to the other pages of the website.
All three image galleries added alongside the gallery index page.
The links page added
My Episodes page added
The C.A.B DVD release appeal page added
The Fans Memories added (with new posts added)
The Fans e-mails added
The Guestbook added
The series and episode guide section updated
Added the episode guide for series three episode seven.
Extra video clips to be added.
The News & Updates page added with the archive news & updates page.

May 2007

The website reaches 1000 unique visitors - updates coming soon!

February 2007

One year since first launching the website at freewebs, the new website launches here. Everything is slowly being added that was at cabspace (The C.A.B's website former home). (August 2006 - December 2006)

~ 2006 ~
December 2006

Twenty years ago the first series of C.A.B ended and it would be over a year before C.A.B returned for it's second series, to mark this I've added a few more updates, these include:
Video Clips page updated with another clip from series one.
Audio Clips updated with a few more clips added
Episode guides added for the following episodes: Series One episodes 9 and 10!
Episode guides updated for the following episodes: Series One episodes 4, 5, 6 and 8 with the Colin and Franny's recap messages added.
Episode synopsis added for the two missing episodes of series two (episodes 1 & 6)
Episode synopsis updated for a few other episodes
The Frames and No Frames page has been updated with a new layout
The Cast & Characters page updated with more characters who get mentioned in the series but never appeared.
Cuttings page updated with even more scans and photocopies of magazines!
The Fans memories page updated with more messages added
The Fans e-mails page updated
Links page updated with more links added including a link to the Classic Kids TV C.A.B page (written by me!)

September 2006

Twenty years ago today the first series of C.A.B aired in the UK. To celebrate this great occassion the website has had a few updates these include:
Video Clips page added with a few small clips of the show.
Audio clips page updated with a few more clips added.
Episode pages updated with UK air times (alongside the airdate) and with a few more crew links added.
More episode guides added to the following episodes: Series One episodes 5, 6 & 8!
Cuttings page added with scan of the TV Times page when C.A.B. was first broadcast!
The Fans e-mails page updated with some more of the messages I've recieved recently.
The Fans Memories page updated with more posts I've found from internet forums.
Crew page updated with more crew links added.
Links page updated.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to these updates, all your contributions and ideas are very welcome. More updates are in planning so if you have any suggestions or contributions please e-mail me or post a message on the forum.

August 2006

Links page updated with extra link to the C.A.B page.

The C.A.B. Website has moved from freewebs to here. The website is now the 'C.A.B. HQ' and with it a multitude of updates have been added, these include:
This website now has frames, explore the website with style!
The series guide has been updated with pages for all 33 episodes, with cast and crew listings, images, an episode synopsis and some episode guides (only for certain episodes - more coming soon!)
Episode guides for ep3 and 4 of series one and episodes 1-6 of series three added to episode pages.
Image Galleries added - one gallery for each series with a wealth of new images added!
Audio Clips page updated with many more audio clips to download.
The Characters, Cast and Crew page has been split in two, one page for the Characters and Cast guide and another for the crew listings.
The memories page has been split in two, one for e-mails and one for messages on forums accross the internet, with more messages added.
The links page updated with new links
My episode guide added - with listings of all the episodes I have, if you have any more please get in touch.
Guestbook updated.
Forum updated.
Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to these updates, hope you all enjoy the new website. (November 2005 - May 2006)

May 2006

Index (home) page updated - with the theme tune added (turn up your speakers to listen)
Image Gallery added with 12 pictures of C.A.B.
Audio Clips page added with 5 audio clips to listen to
The Fans Memories page updated
The Characters, Cast and Crew page updated with new known crew members (+ links) added
Links page updated with a link to the SausageNet C.A.B. page

The bring C.A.B. Out On DVD Petition has been added (link on main page and on the links page), thanks to Robert for this.
The Cast, Crew and Characters page updated with a few more links.

April 2006

The Fans memories page has been updated with more memories I've found on message boards and some e-mails I've recieved from the fans who have found the website.

February 2006

New index page added.
Series Guide added
Characters, Cast & Crew page added
The Fans Memories page added
Links page added
This Updates page added
The Forum added
The Guestbook added

January 2006
I've been busy adding pages and submitting info for C.A.B. to the Internet Movie Database and the C.A.B. page has appeared (see the links page for a link).

~ 2005 ~
December 2005

The website index page added with links to other C.A.B. pages while the website is being built.

November 2005
The Website has started to being built.